Paralegal training

We offer various paralegal training courses:

  1. General courses which consist of three introductory modules.
  2. Specialised courses which consist of various advanced specialised courses.
General courses

General courses consist of three introductory courses which lay the foundation for a legal assistant’s understanding of the law and the formal legal environment in which he or she will operate.  We offer:

Specialised courses

The specialised courses are a number of advanced practical courses in the following specialised fields of law:

These courses can be taken separately and in any sequence.  Each course covers a highly specialised field. 

Certificates for professional legal assistants

A certificate will be issued upon the successful completion of a course.  The two types of certificates are:

  • Certificate for Professional Legal Assistants (general courses)
  • Higher Certificate for Professional Legal Assistants (specialised courses)


Practical value of these courses

Both general and specialised courses are vocational training par excellence.  Our training prepares you for your practical day-to-day duties as a legal assistant in various specialised roles in an attorney’s firm, as a secretary to an advocate, or as a legal assistant working alongside a legal practitioner in a large corporate institution or in the public sector.  Our paralegal training is also suitable for candidate attorneys.

History and development

With the exception of two specialised courses, namely 'Conveyancing for secretaries' and 'Civil litigation', all of our courses are either brand new, or have been completely revamped.  Ever since our establishment in 1994, we have received practical recognition from attorneys and law firms countrywide.  Their recognition of the true intrinsic value and the high quality of the training we offer has been largely responsible for our continued success.

The new and revamped courses for legal assistants (paralegals) are modelled on the same winning recipe as our flagship courses, such as the 'Attorneys' exam courses', 'Attorneys' practical courses' and our paralegal course for conveyancing secretaries, which we have been presenting for over 20 years.


What makes our courses unique?
  1. They are practical and user-friendly.
  2. They are unique in making the law accessible.
  3. They are highly regarded and in demand within the legal fraternity.

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Admission Application Template Pack

Fill out this form to download your FREE copy of our template pack for the application to be admitted as legal practitioner.

The template pack includes:

  • A checklist for the application for admission in terms of the Legal Practice Act
  • A list of requisite annexures
  • A template for the notice of motion
  • A template for the founding affidavit
  • A template for the supporting affidavit