Welcome To Gawie Le Roux Institute of Law

We offer examination preparation courses, practical training courses and seminars to the legal profession


1. We can all fight the spread of COVID-19, which is why we are now endorsing an online teaching methodology. See our online lectures for the Course in Conveyancing and the Course in Notarial Practice.

2. Our seminars are also moving online. Watch this space!

3. We remain open during the lockdown period and will be working remotely. Feel free to send us an email with any enquiries.

4. We will not be able to dispatch course notes during the lockdown, but registrations for all our courses and seminars remain open. As soon as the virus is curbed and the lockdown lifted, course material will be dispatched. Registering will ensure that you are kept up to date on the who, when and how of the online courses and webinars.

5. Course material is not available in electronic format. Course material will be available for pickup at our offices in Pretoria until 26 March 13:00.

Attorneys' Examination Courses

We offer three courses and one workshop to help attorneys and candidate attorneys to prepare for the examinations. Our courses include:

Practical Training Courses

We offer three practical training courses to attorneys, conveyancers and secretarial staff:


We offer seminars on specialised topics to conveyancers, attorneys, candidate attorneys, and legal advisers working in the legal departments of large corporations or government institutions: