GLR PVT School

Practical vocational training for candidate attorneys – accredited by the LPC

The Gawie le Roux Institute of Law offers a 400-hour practical vocational training (PVT) programme for prospective candidate attorneys and for candidate attorneys under contract.

Why attend the GLR PVT School?

Unique features of this programme:

  • You can do the entire programme online from your home.  In addition, for two important subjects you have the option to meet your lecturers and fellow students in person.
    • Note:  recordings will be available for most subjects, but two subjects require “real time” attendance (either online or in-person).  See the ‘logistics’ section for more information.
  • Study notes for each prescribed subject, compiled by the relevant lecturer, will be provided to assist with focused learning.
  • Highly experienced practitioners, known for excellence in their respective fields, will guide you through the material.

After successful completion of this structured course:

  • You will receive a certificate of competency, which forms part of your application for admission as an attorney; and
  • You will only be required to complete a one-year practical vocational training contract towards your ultimate application for admission as an attorney – compared with the two-year period required by Regulation 6(1)(a) of the Act.

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Course subjects:
  • Constitutional Law
  • Ethics for legal practitioners
  • Delictual & personal injury claims
  • Civil procedure & trial advocacy
  • Criminal court practice & trial advocacy
  • Labour dispute resolution
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Legal practice accounts management
  • Wills & estates
  • Matrimonial matters & divorce
  • Legal costs
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Introduction to cyber law
  • Introduction to practice management

View timetable here.

When should you attend the PVT School?

In terms of Regulation 6(1) of the Regulations Act, you should attend PVT:

  • Prior to serving under a prescribed practical vocational training contract for an uninterrupted period of 12 months.


  • During the first 12 months of serving a 24-month practical vocational training contract, but outside of the candidate's normal working hours.  The candidate may then apply to have his or her contract reduced to 12 months.

The programme of structured course work, comprising compulsory subjects of no less than 400 notional hours in the aggregate, must be completed over a period of no longer than six months.

Admission requirements
  • An LLB degree from a South African university; or
  • A law degree in another country, which is equivalent to the South African LLB degree, and which is recognised by SAQA as equivalent.  (Please note that confirmation of foreign accreditation by SAQA is the sole responsibility of the applicant); and
  • An average of 55% or more in your degree (this requirement may be waived at the discretion of the school’s principal).
The logistics
  • The 400 notional hours prescribed by the LPC for this accredited programme consist both of lectures and homework.  (‘Homework’ is time allocated for preparation, assignments, further reading, and assessments.)
  • There are two options available for lectures -
    • online attendance of lectures; or
    • by watching recordings of these lectures.
  • You must choose between online lectures or recordings of online lectures.  You cannot have both.
  • All subjects will be presented online and will be available via recordings (depending on what you choose), except the following two, which will be presented either in person or online, namely: Civil procedure and trial advocacy (4½ weekdays); and Criminal court practice and trial advocacy (3 weekdays).
    • The lectures for these two subjects will be offered in Pretoria (Lynnwood) in person and simultaneously online.  The duration will be the same whether you attend in person or online.  Recordings will not be available for these two lectures.
  • Assessment for each subject will be online.  A subminimum of 50% is required to pass a subject.
  • The fee includes all study material (PDF format), lectures, and access to the online portal, where applicable.
  • The timetables for the first intake and second intake are available.  The School reserves to right to amend the timetable.  You will be notified as soon as possible, should it be necessary to make any changes.
Our promise
  • The aim of this programme is to help you to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and the applied understanding required for legal practise.
  • We strive to equip you with the practical skills you will need to successfully immerse in the legal profession.
  • Our lecturers are authoritative in their respective fields of law and draw from a vast pool of personal experience to offer a high-quality and compact learning experience.
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