Notarial exam workshop

    For attorneys who want to write the Legal Practice Council's notarial practice examination.

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    2022 Exam dates

    2nd semester
    8 September 2022

    Exams may be taken in English or Afrikaans

    That final stretch

    The exam date is approaching fast and you’re probably using any free time to prepare. But hang on, don’t work alone.  Attend our 2-day finishing workshop as a final booster in your preparation.


    Online yet interactive via Zoom.

    Recordings are available but online attendance is encouraged.

    Special offer for existing clients.

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    Is this workshop for me?

    • Yes, if you’ve already prepared for the exam, but still have questions.

    • Yes, if you want to go through previous exam papers together in a group.

    • Yes, if you wrote the exam previously and were unsuccessful.

    • Yes, if you previously prepared for the exam, but couldn’t write.

    • Yes, if you want final confirmation that you are sufficiently prepared.

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    Boost your confidence

    We believe that, after meticulous preparation, a big part of acing an exam is psychological – that is, believing in yourself.  That’s why this workshop is an additional confidence injection where we guide you in smoothing out those last uncertainties.  As we believe that our Course in Notarial Practice is sufficient preparation for the examination, this workshop is simply a psychologically boosting and confidence-building day.

    P.S. Thorough preparation for the exam is required.  However, if you haven’t done our Course in notarial practice but prepared independently, you are still welcome to attend the workshop.

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    Admission Application Template Pack

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    The template pack includes:

    • A checklist for the application for admission in terms of the Legal Practice Act
    • A list of requisite annexures
    • A template for the notice of motion
    • A template for the founding affidavit
    • A template for the supporting affidavit