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    Course Content

    Course Content

    The prescribed syllabus for the examination is covered in the following chapters:

    PART 1 - Explanatory Notes

    • Chapter 1 - Introduction
    • Chapter 2 - The Notarial Deed
    • Chapter 3 - Powers of Attorney
    • Chapter 4 - Antenuptial Contracts
    • Chapter 5 - Notarial Bonds
    • Chapter 6 - Servitudes
    • Chapter 7 - Notarial Deeds in respect of Sectional Title Schemes
    • Chapter 8 - Notarial Lease Agreements
    • Chapter 9 - Wills
    • Chapter 10 - Trusts
    • Chapter 11 - Donations
    • Chapter 12 - Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes
    • Chapter 13 - Maritime Bonds and Sea Protests

    PART 2 - Examples

    • Exposition of the examples referenced in the notes, including examples on notarial deeds, powers of attorney, anti-nuptial contracts, bonds, servitudes, section 6(1) statements, sectional titles, notarial lease agreements, resolutions, wills, trusts, etc.

    PART 3 - Other Applicable Acts

    • Chapter 1 - Matrimonial Property
    • Chapter 2 - Recognition of Customary Marriages
    • Chapter 3 - Civil Union
    • Chapter 4 - VAT
    • Chapter 5 - Transfer Duty
    • Chapter 6 - Capital Gains Tax
    • Chapter 7 - Estate Duty
    • Chapter 8 - Intestate Seccession
    • Chapter 9 - Subdivision of Agricultural Land
    • Chapter 10 - Companies

    Course Content

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    • Our course and expertise, combined with your commitment and diligence, give you the best chance to pass this challenging examination.

    • You receive the most comprehensive and most user-friendly set of notes available for examination preparation.

    • We not only teach you notarial practice, we teach you the beauty of the law as expressed and practised daily by notarial practitioners.

    • And most importantly, we are on your side. Empowering you is our game, your success is our gain.

    Course Content

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