The role of the Constitutional Court in South Africa

SEOTuesday, June 11, 2024 - 15:16
George Seruwagi

South Africa has a dynamic legal and governance system, firmly rooted in its Constitution that serves as the country's supreme law.  At the centre…

The front of a court house, as an representation of the Constitutional Court

Celebrating three decades of uninterrupted quality legal training

SEOThursday, June 6, 2024 - 12:51
Liandri Pretorius

While Gawie le Roux was preparing for the conveyancing exam himself, he realised that there weren't any notes around that could help him…

A counter celebrating our 30 years of service

How to become a Commissioner of Oaths

SEOTuesday, May 28, 2024 - 11:09
George Seruwagi

A Commissioner of Oaths is an individual authorised by law to administer oaths, affirmations, and statutory declarations.  They play a vital role…

A document being signed, this can often be verified by a Commissioner of Oaths

How to write a CV for a conveyancing paralegal job

SEOTuesday, May 21, 2024 - 11:25
Melissa Smit

When there are hundreds of job applications for one job, a CV is the primary way that the hiring manager can get a clear sense of whether a…

A young paralegal who is confident their CV shows their best

How to prepare for the notarial practice oral exam

liandri@gawiel…Friday, May 17, 2024 - 08:26
Johan van Stade

This blog is intended to be a guideline in preparing for the notarial oral examination.  It will provide you with a foundation from which to…

Tips to prepare for the notarial practice oral exam

Understanding what a servitude is

SEOTuesday, May 14, 2024 - 11:36
George Seruwagi

A servitude, also known as a real right, is a legal right that one person holds over another person's property.  It allows them to access, utilise…

A young professional looking at the terms of a servitude on a computer

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