Practical conveyancing for attorneys

Fast-track your practical experience

Congratulations on passing the conveyancing exam!  (And fingers crossed if you’re still preparing for it.)

You've worked extremely hard to pass this exam.  And yet it's quite another thing to start practising with confidence, which is why you need a course like this to teach you all the nitty-gritty detail of the practical side of conveyancing.

Benefits of this course


  • This course is truly unique in that it's all about your daily work as a conveyancer, all about practice.
  • We illustrate how conveyancing theory is applied in the two legs of conveyancing practice - deeds of transfer and mortgage bonds.
  • You receive comprehensive manuals, explaining deeds of transfer and mortgage bonds, taking you all the way from the opening of the file to its final closure.
  • We guide you on setting up a proven system in your office.
  • You will learn about the financial aspects of a transfer file.
  • The best part is that the manuals you will receive will be yours to use as reference guide in your office.


  • The theoretical section consists of a set of notes containing the theory applicable for this course.  We do, however, assume that, as you are a recently admitted conveyancer or aspire to become one, you possess a basic understanding of the theory of conveyancing.
  • This section serves as background only and will not be discussed during lectures.
  • Register early so that you get your notes well in advance.  This will enable you to refresh your theoretical knowledge before the start of the course.
Course content
Online lectures

Option A: Practical Deed of Transfer | 4 morning sessions

Option B: Practical Mortgage Bonds | 3 morning sessions

Option C: Both A and B | 7 morning sessions

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Recordings can be viewed 2 times.

Option A: Practical Deed of Transfer | 4 weeks to view recordings

Option B: Practical Mortgage Bonds | 3 weeks to view recordings

Option C: Both A and B | 7 weeks to view recordings

Who should attend?
  • This course is ideal for anyone working in conveyancing - whether you're working as part of a team or going solo.
  • Whether you've been in the game for years and want to brush up on your knowledge, or are brand new to it and want to learn the tricks of the trade, you will get something out of this course.
  • This is a practical course, but if you haven't yet written or passed the exam, this course will help you to prepare effectively.
Our promise
  • Nothing can replace the valuable experience gained in the workplace, but our course will give you a foothold so that you can hit the ground running, work faster and work more efficiently.
  • We will equip you with a proven system that will give you the confidence your conveyancing practice needs.
  • Are you a newly admitted conveyancer, a sole proprietor working without a secretary, or are you running the conveyancing department in an established law firm?  Then this course will make your life much much easier.
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