Diplomas for Conveyancing Secretaries & Paralegals


    Are you a beginner or have you been working in a conveyancing department for some years, but want to improve your knowledge and skills? This diploma will lay the foundation on which you can build and advance a successful career as conveyancing paralegal.

    Join us to delve into Conventional Deeds of Transfers and Mortgage Bonds.


    Did you ace the Basic Diploma and want to know more? Or do you already have a basic knowledge of conveyancing, but want to keep on learning? No need to have done the basic diploma to enrol for this one.

    Join us as we tackle Sectional Title Deeds of Transfers and Estate Transfers.



    Have you completed the Basic and Intermediary Diplomas, are already working as a senior conveyancing typist, or do you want to make a serious attempt to rise to the position of senior conveyancing typist?

    Then buckle up for Sectional Title Schemes and Township Establishment.



    For those who learn by interaction and want to profit from the focussed study guidance only our expert lecturers can provide.


    Attend in Pretoria or Johannesburg

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    For those who study best in the solitude of their own home or is unable to attend the course.


    Identical study notes to the attendance course
    Work at you own pace up to max 2 months per module and 6 months per diploma


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    What sets our Diplomas apart?

    • Hundreds of law firms countrywide have endorsed our diplomas and regularly send their staff to receive our training.

    • The certificates and diplomas we issue have a high value in the conveyancing industry and have served our learners well over many years.

    • This is not a computer based training course where you learn to click on all the right places. No, we teach you the conveyancing theory behind what you do on your computer – the invaluable why, what, how, where and when – old school style.

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    Benefits of our notes & lectures

    • Lectures and notes for the Basic Diploma are available in English and Afrikaans

    • With the Basic Diploma you may attend Afrikaans lectures with English notes and English lectures with Afrikaans notes if you wish, on condition that this preference is specifically indicated upon registration

    • Lectures and notes for the Intermediate and Advanced Diplomas are only available in English

    • Our notes are comprehensive, yet delightfully user-friendly

    • We discuss both theory and practical case studies to illustrate how the theory is applied in practice

    • After completing the diplomas the notes are yours to use and consult at your workplace

    • Lectures are relaxed and the notes and examples form the basis for discussion

    • We conduct open-book evaluations to establish whether you understand the work and are able to apply your knowledge in practice

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    Did you say evaluations?

    • We did, but don’t sweat, the evaluations are in the form of an open-book test

    • The idea is not to see what you can remember by rote, but to help you apply in practice what you learn during lectures

    • You are permitted to refer to your notes, just as you would when you are at work

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    Flaunt your achievements by earning Silver and Gold Certificates



    You receive a Silver Certificate for each module upon successful completion of the evaluation. We see this as proof of your ability to apply the theory in practice

    A Gold Certificate* is issued when we receive an affidavit from your employer, stating that you have independently and flawlessly completed a certain prescribed task, related to the relevant module

    You receive a Silver Diploma after completion of all three modules of a diploma

    You can boast with a Gold Diploma* if you successfully obtain all three Gold Certificates related to a particular diploma

    *An administration fee is payable for each Gold Certificate and Gold Diploma requested 

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    Want more detail?

    Have a look at our course content and check out what previous clients have to say in the testimonials below.

    Course Content

    Course Content

    Basic Diploma in Conveyancing

    • MODULE 1
      Conventional Deed of Transfer – Theory
    • MODULE 2
      Conventional Deed of Transfer – Practical case study
    • MODULE 3
      Mortgage Bonds registration & cancellation procedure – Theory & practice

    INTERMEDIATE DIPLOMA in Conveyancing

    • MODULE 4
      Sectional Title Deed of Transfer – Theory
    • MODULE 5
      Sectional Title Deed of Transfer – Practical case study
    • MODULE 6
      Estate Transfers – Theory & practice

    ADVANCED DIPLOMA in Conveyancing

    • MODULE 7
      Opening of a Sectional Title Scheme
    • MODULE 8
      Advanced Sectional Title Development – consolidation, subdivision and extension of units; registration of exclusive use areas by developer and body corporate
    • MODULE 9
      Township establishment

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    Our Promise

    • By completing our diplomas you will learn the theory and practice applicable to different levels of a conveyancing secretary’s work.

    • You will be empowered, firstly by obtaining valuable new knowledge to advance your career, and secondly by obtaining certificates and diploma(s) recognised and valued by the attorneys’ profession countrywide.

    • You will be able to do your daily work with even more confidence, becoming a much more productive employee for your employer

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