Practical tax advice for attorneys

    Branching out to a full-scale tax practice

    Modern technology has increased the speed and accuracy with which SARS can identify and tax local and international transactions, making it crucial for commercial legal practitioners to have basic knowledge of tax to advise their clients properly.

    This webinar series focuses on the practical consequences of commercial and property transactions as well as tax dispute resolution.

    The first webinar is aimed at providing legal practitioners with the technical skills needed to recognise the tax consequences of the matters you'll deal with most frequently in your practice.

    The second webinar will focus on how to manage disputes with SARS.  You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of the processes involved and pitfalls to watch out for.

    PS. The webinars in this series can be taken together, separately and in any order.

    Webinar content

    Webinar 1 - Practical consequences of commercial and property transactions

    1. Taxation of trusts – including aspects relating to foreign trusts

    2. Mergers and acquisitions – a field with its own specialised taxation rules

    3. Share transactions – a common alternative to traditional sale of business transactions (and don’t forget the securities transfer tax!)

    4. Partnerships – how are they taxed and what happens when they are dissolved?

    5. Property transfers – including transfer duty and how to avoid it

    Webinar 2 - Tax dispute resolution

    1. Pre-assessment

    2. Disagreements about assessments - what is an assessment?

    3. Prescription of assessments

    4. Requesting reasons for the assessment

    5. Lodging an objection

    6. Appeal

    7. Alternative dispute resolution

    8. No ADR or failed ADR proceedings - next steps

    9. Role of the Promotion of Access to Information Act and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act

    10. The Constitution

    Course Content

    The logistics

    • This is a series of two 3-hour webinars which can either be attended online or by obtaining recordings.  

    • The online webinars are presented in the mornings from 8:00-11:00 with sufficient time allowed for questions.

    • Recordings can be viewed at any time of the day. 

    • You will receive a certificate of attendance.

    • The presentation is accompanied by a comprehensive reference manual which is sent electronically in PDF format.  

    Course Content

    Our promise

    • Be equipped with practical know-how of tax, tax law, and tax dispute resolution, presented to you by an expert in the field. 

    • Receive a set of webinar notes that you can use for future reference on the tax consequences of your advice to your clients, whether on trusts, mergers and acquisitions, share transactions, partnerships and property transfers. 

    • Empowering you with knowledge to excel in practice is what moves us forward.  

    Course Content

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