Business law

As a legal assistant (paralegal) working in a commercial law firm or department, you will be providing support to a commercial attorney.  A basic knowledge of business law will ensure that you understand the conversations you are a part of and enable you to provide the support required of you in your role.


Module 1: Contracts

This module is an introduction to the basic principles and requirements for a legally binding contract.

Course content

Chapter 1: Basic principles of contracts

  • Basic concepts
  • Requirements for a valid contract
  • Breach of contract and remedies

Chapter 2: Specific business contracts

  • Sale                
  • Lease
  • Insurance
  • Security
  • Franchising

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Module 2: Business organisation

This module covers various forms of business entities used to operate a business.  In particular, we’ll look at companies as an enterprise and the various aspects of formation, registration and operation of a company.

Course content
  • Forms of business enterprise
  • Companies and corporate procedures

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Module 3: Consumer protection

This module covers the legal and regulatory requirements for business compliance and dealings with the statutory protection of customers’ rights.

Course content
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • National Credit Act
  • Electronic Communications and Transactions Act
  • Protection of Personal Information Act

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Who should attend?

Legal assistants (paralegals) who are already working in an attorney’s office or who want to embark upon a career in such an office or in the formal legal environment.


The logistics
  • Each module in this course is presented on Zoom over 4 hours from 08:00–12:30.

  • Modules can be taken separately and in any sequence.

  • Lectures can be attended either online, by obtaining recordings or through self-study.  

  • When opting for recordings, follow the instructions in your registration confirmation email to request access to view recordings online.  Recordings can be viewed at any time once you've received login details.  Recordings are only available for a limited time, please refer to your registration confirmation letter for more information. 

  • The presentation is accompanied by a comprehensive reference manual.

  • The material is presented in an interactive format, with an evaluation that needs to be successfully completed to qualify you to receive your certificate.

Our promise
  • You will acquire a basic level of understanding of a variety of legal issues and challenges that business clients face.

  • You will learn to assist business clients, perform some tasks in your law firm for them and provide various business law support activities for the firm’s attorneys.

  • A legal assistant (paralegal) with a knowledge of the interaction between law and business will have a basic understanding of the legal needs of business clients.

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