Diploma vir Litigasiesekretaresses en Regsassistente

    Hierdie kursus word tans slegs in Engels aangebied.

    This diploma is aimed at paralegals, legal secretaries, personal assistants, legal administrative staff and receptionists working in a legal environment. Basically, anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of the South African legal environment.


    For those who want to benefit from three days' intensive study guidance.


    8:00-12:30 via Zoom

    Do the open-book evaluations after the morning sessions.

    The online lectures are also available as Recordings


    For those who prefer working at the leisure of their own time.

    Work at you own pace for up to 2 months per module and 6 months per diploma.

    Do the evaluations when you are ready, at a date and time of your choice.

    Identical study notes to the online courses.


    Watch recordings of the online lectures at any time that suits you.

    Price includes recordings and study material.

    You have 2 weeks per module (or 4 weeks if you register for all 3 modules at one) to watch the recordings and you have 2 views per lecture.



    The who, what and why

    • Ideal for legal secretaries, personal assistants, legal administrative staff, receptionists working in a legal environment, and anyone starting a career in a legal field.

    • Acquire the practical skills and theoretical background required to become a more competent employee at a law firm.

    • The certificates and diploma we issue have a high value in the legal industry and have served our learners well over the years.


    Benefits of our notes & lectures

    • Our notes are comprehensive, yet delightfully user-friendly

    • We discuss both theory and practical case studies to illustrate how the theory is applied in practice

    • After completing the diploma the notes are yours to use and consult at your workplace

    • Lectures are relaxed and the notes and examples form the basis for discussion

    • We conduct open-book evaluations to establish whether you understand the work and are able to apply your knowledge in practice


    Did you say evaluations?

    • We did, but don’t sweat, the evaluations are in the form of an open-book test.

    • The idea is not to see what you can remember by rote, but to help you apply in practice what you learn during lectures.

    • You are permitted to refer to your notes, just as you would when you are at work.


    Flaunt your achievements by earning three certificates and a diploma

    Upon successful completion of each evaluation, your achievement will be celebrated by the issuing of a certificate. This is proof that you have the ability to apply in practice the learning content covered in the module. Three modules mean three certificates, and three certificates mean one distinguished diploma with your name on it.


    Want more detail?

    Have a look at our course content and check out what previous clients have to say in the testimonials below.


    Course Content

    MODULE 1: Legal Practice and Civil Procedure

    • Chapter 1 – Background of South African law
    • Chapter 2 – The court structure
    • Chapter 3 – The procedures in Civil Litigation

    MODULE 2: Advanced Civil Procedure

    • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Civil Procedure
    • Chapter 2 – The Basics of Drafting
    • Chapter 3 – The Action Procedure
    • Chapter 4 – The Application Procedure

    MODULE 3: Advanced Legal Practice

    • Chapter 1 – Confidentiality and professional conduct
    • Chapter 2 – Matrimonial Property Law
    • Chapter 3 – Wills and Testaments
    • Chapter 4 – Prescription


    Our promise

    • You will walk away with a thorough knowledge of the general legal framework in South Africa, with an understanding of legal procedures and essential legal terminology and concepts

    • You will be empowered, firstly by obtaining practical guidance and knowledge to advance your career, and secondly by obtaining certificates recognised and valued by the attorneys’ profession countrywide

    • You will be able to do your daily work with even more confidence, becoming a much more productive employee for your employer and – as a bonus – starting to really enjoy your work!


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