• Abrinah Masondo

    Ethics is not a subject rather a way of life for any respectable individual.  It is a phenomenon easily applicable to all spheres of life and can be used as one's go-by / go-to guide.  The specific legal professional ethics part was very clear and easy to note. (Ethics for legal practitioners, GLR PVT School)

  • Matumelo Leseba

    I gained valuable insight or knowledge on professional ethics even though I did the module as part of the LLB curriculum at university.  I enjoyed going through the case law provided in the material. (Ethics for legal practitioners, GLR PVT School)

  • Tanya Kuschke

    I enjoyed that for the first time I aced legal ethics, it was one of my hardest subjects at university.  Had to re-do this subject a couple of times.  Thank you Attorney van Eck for your guidance in this subject. (Ethics for legal practitioners, GLR PVT School)

  • Monique Klue

    The lecturer was extremely coherent and structured.  I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I could easily follow along in the prescribed material and supplement it as per the lecturer's instructions when/where necessary.  I feel much more confident going into future preparation for the ethics aspects of the board exams.  I also highly appreciated the practical practice questions that were added to the notes so that I could see how the questions may appear/and might be worded during the board exams. (Ethics for legal practitioners, GLR PVT School)

  • Carmen Ferreira

    The subject was very well introduced and presented.  I liked how Attorney Karin Van Eck stuck to her preparation plan.  She clearly had a goal and it was to complete the subject by using the study notes, starting from the first page to the last in a well-organised and controlled manner, which made it very easy to follow in the study notes.  She also frequently mentioned the page number she was on.  Her explanations were clear and precise and easy to understand. (Ethics for legal practitioners, GLR PVT School)

  • Cornelia Els

    I love that the lecturer is a practising attorney.  She is a person who knows that what the book says is not always the reality.  I enjoyed the practical examples. (Ethics for legal practitioners, GLR PVT School)

  • Xerené Wahl

    The course exceeded my expectations.  Dr Gravett has provided me with very insightful tips and strategies for the practical application of advocacy.  It has given me the necessary confidence to run a trial effectively. (The fundamental principles of effective trial advocacy - for attorneys) 

  • Michaeline Tsotetsi

    I am a pupil and it has consolidated everything I have learned in theoretical and applied observations of trials.  Now I understand the preparation for trial, techniques and tactics of conducting a trial. (The fundamental principles of effective trial advocacy - for attorneys)

  • Juanita van Wyk

    I attended the Course in conveyancing (notes & video recordings).  This was a great overview of the syllabus I needed to cover for the exam.  The recordings allowed me to work through the syllabus at my own pace, which was amazing as I am a mum with three boys and a director in a firm that requires a lot of attention. (Course in conveyancing)

  • Alisa Malindi

    I just wanted to express my gratitude to Erinda and the team for the conveyancing workshop.  I successfully passed my paper 2 exam and the workshop was a crucial part that contributed to my success. (Conveyancing exam workshop)

  • Thembakazi Limo

    Dr. Adriette Dekker is a superstar.  I am unable to pick one specific thing I like most because she was consistent in captivating me on the subject.  From the recordings, it was also refreshing to hear my fellow candidate attorneys asking relevant and to-the-point questions.  Dr. Liezl Ball complimented the whole experience so well and is so quick to assist saving all of us precious time.  I never got bored once and the organisation and planning were professional. (Labour Dispute Resolution, GLR PVT School)

  • Monique Klue

    The flexibility of the recordings and the flow of the information helped me bridge my LLB theory with practice and real-life scenarios. (Labour Dispute Resolution, GLR PVT School)

  • Carmen Ferreira

    I’d like to comment on how well organised everything was during the first subject seeing that it was the first intake.  I’m very impressed as online learning can be very stressful. (Labour Dispute Resolution, GLR PVT School)

  • Barnard Du Preez

    The lecturer really presented the subject well and I felt that I gained a lot of useful knowledge that I can use in the field.  The course was not just academic but also practical. (Labour Dispute Resolution, GLR PVT School)

  • Tristan Louw

    The course exceeded my expectations.  It was very informative with the lecturer, Dr. Gravett, being an exceptional teacher. (The fundamental principles of effective trial advocacy - for attorneys)

  • Michiel Bouwer

    Dr. Gravett has a wealth of experience - and his ability to combine theoretical knowledge with real-life practical examples from his own court experience is tremendously valuable. (The fundamental principles of effective trial advocacy - for attorneys)

  • Sarina Bosch

    It was a very informative course, and the new presentation of the course material was easy to follow and to apply. (The fundamental principles of effective trial advocacy - for attorneys)

  • Philani Mthethwa

    The course in fact far exceeded my expectations.  It will now help me to structure my trial technique in a logical and comprehensible manner. (The fundamental principles of effective trial advocacy - for attorneys)

  • Victor Wilkens

    A course for professionals presented by professionals.  This was truly an excellent study of how to persuade the court to find in your favour.  The core of it being focused on practicality is a refreshing, yet necessary approach to the subject.  I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in litigation. (The fundamental principles of effective trial advocacy - for attorneys)

  • Denise Louw

    The Gawie le Roux notes and recordings were my lifeline.  It made studying easier and it truly made all the difference.  We have many roles to juggle in life... mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, employee, student, the list goes on.  The notes and recordings help you to effectively study and not drop any other balls.  Thank you Gawie le Roux for enabling me to keep all the 'balls' in the air.

  • Boipelo Mogudi

    The lecturer is easy to understand and very interactive which makes it easy to ask questions.  I am the first bookkeeper in the firm I am hired at, therefore I am starting everything from scratch.  The owners try to help here and there but honestly, everything 'numbers' falls on me.  These particular classes help make sure I know where to improve and what I should completely scratch out.

  • Monica de Lange

    The course was very well prepared.  It was also presented excellently.  The content of the course is enriching and overall, a great experience for me as a student. Looking forward to the next course.

  • Nadine Korff

    The course was very well presented.  I felt that there was valuable knowledge for everyone in attendance regardless of skill level.  It's fast-paced but I never felt overwhelmed by the amount of information being shared.  Melissa engaged the class to interact at regular intervals which I felt held everyone's attention.  I really enjoyed it and will definitely have a look at their other courses after completing Level 2! 

  • Lizel Venter

    One of the best courses I have ever attended.  The lecturer has excellent knowledge of her subject and field of practice and her passion for the field of law is evident.  The manner in which the course is structured is very user-friendly, even when you do not have experience in conveyancing.  The support staff are friendly, efficient, and professional.  I would highly recommend this course.

  • Xavaux Shelton

    I personally think even the thought of writing paper 3 is enough to give one nightmares, but with the assistance of the notes and of Johan, it gives one the confidence to focus on the upcoming exam. 

  • Cassandra Holdcroft

    Mieke's knowledge and presentation was extremely helpful.  This information is invaluable for us as property lawyers and there is certainly no textbook that explains the examples as well as her precedents do.  My wish is that I could have trained under Mieke.  What a wealth of knowledge.  

  • Zané Botha

    I would like to convey my utmost gratitude for your hard work in compiling the conveyancing study material as well as the presentation of the online classes.  The day when I received my study material I thought there was no way I would be able to conquer this huge task that is conveyancing, especially with everyone’s warnings of how difficult the examinations are.  I am pleased to inform you that I passed both papers on the first attempt, and it is definitely thanks to you. I still hear Mrs.

  • Heinrich Fockens

    I am delighted to share my overwhelmingly positive experience at Gawie le Roux Institute of Law.  As a student, I have found this institution to be nothing short of exceptional in every aspect.  First and foremost, the faculty and staff at Gawie le Roux Institute of Law are truly outstanding.   Their expertise, dedication, and passion for teaching are palpable in every class.  They not only possess a deep understanding of their respective fields but also have an uncanny ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner.  The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, offering a ba

  • Ryno Robbertse

    I wanted to let you know that I passed the conveyancing exam on my first try.  I did the video lectures at my own pace as I worked full time and then did the exam workshop to finish off the last questions I had. (It was really of great assistance.)  Thank you for all your assistance with the conveyancing course and for making a mountain of work easy to take in. 

  • Kevin Govender

    I purchased the study packs for all four papers of the attorneys' admission examinations.  I wrote for the first time in August 2023.   All four papers and passed all in one sitting.  I am pleased to say that I am the only person in the Eastern Cape who wrote and passed all four papers.

  • Johan Pistorius

    The presentation was practically of extreme value to writer hereof, specifically with regards to all aspects of ECTA so explained; the influence on various statutory requirements; and the implementation and usage of various aspects of electronic means within our practice.  Mr. Koornhof was well versed, well prepared and kept my attention.  Excellent webinar. 

  • Caitlan Gordon

    I attended the class for Paper Three and breezed through the exam!  The class that Gawie presented gave a concise overview of the paper but the gem was the study guide that he provided – one guide that contains every past question with an answer right beneath it presented according to topic – no need to have a ton of past papers flying around all muddled up!  I would recommend this course to any candidate attorney who wants to pass paper three the first time around and who does not have the time to print a ton of past papers and rummage around between the memo and the question paper.

  • Dante

    Our lecturer, Johan van Stade, were very articulate and engaging.  The study notes are really helpful and I believe few people can teach and explain bookkeeping and estates as simply as he does.  The way in which he explained concepts made more sense when I practiced on past papers.

  • T Radebe

    Last year I wrote the Ethics Board exam.  I managed to pass with 60%, thank you so much for the revision class, it was of great help.

  • C Swele

    I wrote the ethics exam once before and failed.  Then, after attending Gawie’s course, I passed with distinction.  In fact, I got 92%.

  • A Pema

    It’s easy to understand and has been updated.  I can recommend it to candidate attorneys trying to pass the admission examinations.

  • Ronel Kotzee

    Excellent workshop! Going through the questions with Erinda helped me to understand how to dissect and answer the questions and apply the book knowledge. Erinda is so knowledgeable and the course is so well presented! Thank you.

  • Carlia Spohr

    The questions and model answers provided were very helpful. It was very helpful that Erinda identified important questions and answers, as this saves time by ensuring that you cover the basics without repeating questions and answers.

  • Micaela Jones

    I purchased the conveyancing notes last year, without attending the classes or workshops and passed on the first try.  Your notes are very comprehensive and easy to understand.  Well done on that!

  • Melani-Roxanne Breedt

    My top takeaway from this course was just how straightforward everything was.  Conveyancing is by no means easy, however, I found the course material and lectures to be incredibly accessible and approachable even with my lack of experience.  I look forward to using the manuals and notes provided as I continue to further my training and I intend on using the experience I have gained to find employment.

  • Joyce Motubatse

    I do not regret it a bit, learned so much, ... you won't believe the confidence I have gained from this course.  I know the Acts and the reason why we do certain things and what is expected of us at Deeds to avoid rejections.  Melissa is great and Henriette too!

  • Amy-Louise Nel

    Absolutely worth every penny!  The self-study notes alone are extremely helpful, I initially thought I wouldn't need to attend the classes but eventually opted to enroll.  Erinda is so knowledgeable in conveyancing that she made even the impossible-to-understand sections come alive. (Google Review)

  • Leo Vaccaro

    Erinda’s teaching style is engaging, light-hearted, and very fun.  Erinda took abstract legal concepts and broke them down into bite-sized pieces by using real-world examples and explaining how it translates to actual rands and cents.  It’s easy to see that she truly wants her learners to do well and that this is her passion.  There is no secret to passing notaries and conveyancing: study and put in the time.  That much has always been clear.  But I believe that with the Gawie le Roux self-study notes and preferably the lectures too, your odds of passing are dramatically improved. 

  • Tanian Filander

    I must extend my sincere thanks to Erinda Frantzen & Gawie le Roux Institute of Law.  I truly enjoyed listening to Erinda and most definitely benefited from her breadth of knowledge and experience.  I am grateful for the clear and effective way she presented each lecture.  Thank you Erinda Frantzen.

  • Raeesah Isat

    The course was highly educational and extremely interactive.  We were able to grasp concepts through practical examples which I believe we will remember in practice forever.  The course allowed each one of us to develop and expand on our own advocacy styles.  Definitely worth every cent and highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their advocacy skills.

  • Renata Snyders

    I was at first a bit worried.  Let's be honest it is a lot of money, especially on a candidate attorney's salary.  But I am truly blown away by the course and the way it was presented.  Erinda is amazing and has made such a difference, especially where I have absolutely ZERO experience in conveyancing.  The value that is added, the classes, notes and all the extra information, assistance and everything that has been received is absolutely amazing and I am so grateful to have been able to attend the course.  I will always recommend Gawie le Roux to anyone after my experience.

  • Ziningi Mdunge-Bakunzi

    The course was really helpful.  Erinda was excellent in explaining and breaking down the material and was clearly very knowledgeable about the topics.  I will be seeing you soon for the conveyancing course after I write the notary exam.  Thank you.

  • Carmen Hugo

    This course is very thorough and insightful.  The lecturer is such a delight and answers all your questions.  The notes we received are enough and make studying so much easier/less stressful.

  • Pieter-Hendrik White

    It was extremely informative and without a doubt beneficial to my preparation for the notarial practice examinations.  The notes are very comprehensive and Ms Frantzen is an excellent presenter.  Thank you Gawie le Roux Institute of Law.

  • Cathryn Fraser

    My overall impression of the course was very informative.  The way in which things were explained was simple and easy to understand.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting a better understanding in their legal career.

  • Amy van Dyk

    The webinar gives a good grounding on the practical application of the ECTA.  Pieter Koornhof is an absolutely brilliant lecturer – he explained everything in an interesting and engaging way, despite the subject matter having the propensity to be ‘dry'.

  • Elsa Kruger-Willemse

    I attended the GLR online Notary course and the pre-examination preparation course hoping that some of Erinda’s magic would rub off on me. Notwithstanding the fact that I would have been content to just pass the exam, somehow some of that magic and the wonderful way in which the material was presented assisted not only in ensuring that I passed the exam but also achieving an exceptionally high mark. I am humbled by the professionalism, kindness, passion, expertise, and knowledge for not only the Notary work but the Law in general that the whole Gawie Le Roux team possesses.

  • Elizabeth Kotze

    I did Paper 1 and 3 revision classes with you for the August examinations I did 5th best in the Northern Cape with Paper 1 and was the only one to pass Paper 3. Johan explained the material very well and in a way that is understandable - you actually learn to understand and not to memorise/cram for exam purposes. 

    I will definitely recommend your courses/classes to everyone who is preparing to write the exams. Thank you! 

  • Thato Ntshudisane

    I write this email in excitement and awe! I attended the notary class in August 2022 and I took a chance and wrote the notary exam. I don't have any experience or knowledge in notarial practice but with the assistance of the team at the Gawie le Roux Institute of Law and especially Erinda's patience I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt. 

    This is not my first time attending classes and getting materials from Gawie, I used the same material for board exams and also passed on my first attempt. 

  • Linda Khumalo

    I joined the Gawie le Roux Institute of Law, when I first commenced my articles in 2021 at Adams & Adams. We were told left, right, and center that the board exams would be the end of your law career. Hence, I decided to join the institute. With the study notes and materials from the institute all my attorneys’ exams were just a breeze in the ocean. I decided to register for the conveyancing exam as well. I bought and used the study notes and materials from the institute again, I passed both paper 1 and paper 2 conveyancing on my first attempt.

  • Annatjie Badenhorst

    First, I want to say it was wonderful to attend a course that is in my language, Afrikaans. I also appreciate the fact that the Professor spoke to us and that she didn't read the notes to us. I really enjoyed the lesson today.

  • Ntsako Sibiya

    As a candidate attorney, I haven't handled the opening of a sectional scheme or even the planning thereof by myself.  As a result, I had a lot of blank areas.  This presentation, the notes and all the examples given helped to put the entire process into perspective.

  • Thokozile Radebe

    I just want to let you know that I passed the Conveyancing Oral Exam yesterday. My thanks goes to Gawie and the team, especially to Erinda for believing in me.

    I  first learned about the institution in 2019. When I  attended Ethics revision classes at George Ross Hall of the NG Church, I got 60%.

    In 2020 during hard lockdown I joined Erinda's classes and that's when I fell in love with conveyancing. Thank you so much for the encouragement and the tips you gave us on 31 May 2022.

  • Megan Oliver

    The lecturers were well-informed and have vast experience of Mediation in Family and Divorce which made learning the contents of the course enjoyable through their practical experience and personal takes/knowledge. I enjoyed the fact that all material is perpetually available on a link, the pre-recorded preparation makes the lectures enjoyable as you start the lecture with information and an understanding of the contents in advance. The interactiveness and meeting new people was great despite the sessions being online. The co-ordinators made the virtual attendance seamless and enjoyable.

  • Kaylean Adimoolum

    I have passed my Conveyancing Exam with the Highest Marks in KZN. This was my first attempt, as I only got admitted as an attorney last year. I cannot express my gratitude to Gawie le Roux, I would not have been able to achieve these results without you. Initially, I was not going to write the second paper after I wrote the first paper, I came out of that exam in tears. When it was time to write the second paper, we had the floods in KZN and amongst all odds, I made it to write both papers, with nothing but hope.

  • Elsa Kruger-Willemse

    This was my first attempt at the Notarial exam and being a mother and running my own practice it is not always easy to find time to just study. I only used the Gawie le Roux Notes and I attended the online course presented by Erinda and I also attended the pre-exam final preparation.

    I passed with a very good mark. I got 81% and there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have been able to do so without the Gawie le Roux dynamic team. Ilana thank you for your patience and for always helping me whenever I pressed on your button.

  • Anri Opperman

    I would just like to thank all of you for the quality of the notarial course. I only had a very limited amount of time to study for the exam, and still passed. Please keep up the amazing work.

  • Yolanda Schoultz

    Ek wil julle graag hiermee laat weet ek het my Notaris eksamen geslaag, die eerste probeerslag met ‘n 71%. (dit is die vyfste hoogste punt in die land).

    Miljoene dankies aan jou en die die Gawie le Roux span wat met soveel professionaliteit hierdie kursus vir ons aangebeid het en geadministreer het.

    Sal jy omgee om asseblief aan Erinda ook my miljoene dankies te stuur. Sonder haar “resepte” en passie om die werk en die eksamen aan te pak sou dit verseker ‘n moeilike taak gewees het en sou ek ook nie 71% kon behaal nie.

    Uit my my hart uit DANKIE DANKIE DANKIE.

  • Leigh-Anne Kriel

    I just wanted to say that I managed to pass all my exams thanks to the incredible classes and thorough notes provided by Gawie le Roux Institute of Law. I am so grateful! Thank you so much to your team, and especially Johan. Honestly, the best feeling ever! Would not have been possible without your team.

  • Simoné Visagie

    Extremely informative and well-constructed! Melissa did an excellent job of presenting/training this course. The notes were well constructed and covered all aspects for conventional conveyancing, from beginning to registration of a deed of transfer. All questions participants/students possibly could have were answered and Melissa made sure all of us understood the work. Although it was a lot of work to cover in two days (theory), the case studies and examples in the notes made it less daunting. Overall, an exceptional training experience!

  • Amelia Pillay

    Great notes which are easy to follow and understand. The presentation of the course was professional and interactive. Johan [van Stade] was clear and precise. He constantly checked if we were OK and welcomed all questions and answers, even if they were wrong and politely corrected us and explained where we went wrong.

  • Marilie Boshoff

    Ek wou net baie dankie gesê het vir julle produkte. Ek kon nie die klasse bywoon nie maar het die "recordings" gekoop en ek het die eerste keer geslaag te danke aan julle. BAIE DANKIE! Julle sal altyd my eerste keuse wees!

  • Tahera Gangat

    I registered for your conveyancing course in January 2020 and attended the course in February with Erinda, which was of great benefit and which I enjoyed immensely! I received the good news that I passed on my first attempt. Please pass my special thanks onto Erinda – her lectures were dynamic, the notes were user-friendly and the model answers benefitted me tremendously in the exam. Now, more than a year later, I still use your notes on a daily basis in practice.

  • Taillefer Steyn

    Ek wil graag baie dankie sê aan Michelle, Alouise, Erinda en Melissa. Baie dankie vir al julle kursusse wat ek bygewoon het, dit is regtig die moeite werd en ek sal dit vir enige iemand aanbeveel wat ernstig is om verder te studeer.

  • Annemarie Steenekamp

    Ek het my Aktes eksamen van September 2019 die eerste keer geslaag danksy julle fantastiese kursus. Dit verg harde werk, maar met julle kursus en Erinda se ongelooflike aanbieding was dit verseker al die bloed, sweet en trane werd!

  • Ningi Majoro

    I would like to share the good news that I passed the Conveyancing Exam. It was the first time I sat for this exam and I only got the material for the course on the 16th July 2019, which meant that I had only two months to prepare. I considered writing the exam next year in 2020 but then I just thought it won't hurt me if I tried the exam this year, just to get the experience. And then I actually passed! Thank you so much to the whole team for putting the course together, it is a comprehensive course and it surely prepared me for the exam.

  • Albert Coetzee

    Ek het in Mei 2019 besluit om julle notas te koop en te begin studeer met die absolute minimum praktiese ervaring in aktes. Ek het Julie 2019 julle kursus bygewoon wat aangebied was deur Erinda Frantzen. Ek het beide die eksamens op 11 September 2019 geskryf en ek kan net met dankbaarheid sê dat ek hierdie eksamens die eerste keer geslaag het. Die voorbereiding en ure se swot moet steeds gedoen word maar sonder julle notas en kursus sou hierdie uitslag verseker nie moontlik gewees het nie.

  • Jenna Leigh Brandon

    I am absolutely thrilled! I have passed the 2019 Conveyancing exam with a mark of 71.5% on my first attempt. This being the second highest mark in KZN and the third highest mark in South Africa. I cannot believe that I have been able to achieve this. I had never worked in conveyancing before I decided to write the exam however I wanted to extend my knowledge and further my qualifications. I purchased my notes from the Centre for Conveyancing and I sat down and began at the first page.

  • Tanya Ford

    Just a short thank you to the admin team and Erinda for everything, this online webinar training is wonderful. I have attended a few webinars the past few weeks and you can be very proud of how it is presented. Truly excellent.

  • Anneline Oliveira

    Mr le Roux is an inspirational and efficient lecturer. His notes are so methodical and effective and his examination tips are priceless. Having no practical experience in conveyancing, attending the course only once and with only ONE month of rigorous preparation and study of ONLY Mr le Roux’s notes, I passed the conveyancing exam on my FIRST try. I know that Mr le Roux’s course, notes, exam tips, uplifting support and enthusiasm played a significant role in me achieving this.

  • Tsakani Sithole

    I attended your training for conveyancing during 2017. Each time before going for exams I would attend the 1-day revision workshop. On the September 2019 exam I qualified for an oral and during my oral I was asked if I attended classes lectured by Erinda. I said yes and one the panelists told me that he could hear Erinda talking in my answers. Thank you very much, I passed my oral!

  • Megahn Howard

    I attended the conveyancing course and exam workshop. I had no experience in conveyancing but was so determined to write. I heard about everyone’s exam fears and nauseating orals. Upon attending the course, having an open mind and willingness to learn, I wrote both papers and I passed on my first attempt receiving the highest mark in KZN of 70.50%. It is all thanks to Gawie le Roux Institution of Law and of course Erinda Frantzen, who is an amazing and inspiring woman. The manner in which she conducted the seminars were outstanding, brilliant and extremely helpful.

  • Jade Mc Iver

    Passing the exam has advanced me in my career where I never thought I would ever be after failing so many times. I can only say a huge thanks to your team for the dedication and passion they put into the notes and lectures that actually got me to pass the exam. Erinda gave me such amazing tips and advice on how to pass the exam and your notes are exceptional. I find your course to be excellent and truly, if you just study the notes, do examples and answer the exam questions you are sure to pass.

  • Lesego Mamogale

    At the conveyancing course for secretaries I learned a lot about the regulations and procedures to follow when dealing with clients, drafting of documents, signing, lodging, the deeds office and how I must carry myself to make it in the business. The course helped me understand that I must always be effective in my work, work harder in everything I do and excel at it.

  • Andrea Meyer

    I would just like to give some feedback on attending the secretaries' course with Melissa as our presenter. Superb is the only word I can think of. It takes a great presenter to make you understand so much in such a short period of time. This is definitely a great asset to my career and I am so happy that I went with Gawie le Roux Institute. I would definitely recommend this conveyancing course to anyone who wants to further their knowledge and expertise in this industry.

  • Khanyisile Mdluli

    This is just a note to say thank you. I registered for the online courses for the preparation for all four papers for the board exams. I attended all the classes and took in as much as I could. I am pleased to inform you that I passed Paper 2, 3 and 4 at the first sitting and I had to sit for an oral exam for Paper 1 which I passed as well.

  • Keven Whitehead

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to review all the past papers, compile notes and go through all of them so that many of us do not have to. You have offered a very professional service that I appreciated the entire way through. I really feel as though the money I paid for the notes was well spent. I will be honest, a lot of us buy into courses like this simply because we are not the best self-studiers and suck terribly at making our own notes and also, we just do not have the time amongst having to work and keep up to date with roles in our law firms. Thanks a million, guys.

  • Hanna Nortjé

    Ek het die klasse vir al vier die vraestelle bygewoon. Komplimente aan julle instansie met die volledigheid van julle notas en opdatering daarvan na elke eksamensessie. Dan wil ek ook vir Johan sê dankie vir die manier waarop hy die kursus aanbied. My agtergrond van Boekhou is, om die minste te sê, beroerd... Ek het dit nie as vak op skool gehad nie, net daarmee te doen gekry vir my LLB by Unisa. Ek het dit op my vierde probeerslag deurgekom, net met 50%. Na die Boekhou prep klasse, dink ek verstaan ek dit vir die eerste keer.

  • Sekgoela Joel

    This email serves to express my appreciation for the Attorneys Examination preparation course that you offer. I attended one for Paper 1 in February 2020, as a last resort and after unsuccessfully attempting the examination four times. I got the results and I have passed the examination. The study material offered at the course was very useful, as it was well structured and simplified.

  • Eunice Ndelitungapo Sakaria

    I would really like to thank you very much for the oral preparation session that you offered. I did exceptionally well in my oral examination by just following your guide and advice you gave me. May God bless you and continue to give you the strength to continue to do what you do best and to help people like me to succeed. 

  • Tshegofatso Jacobs

    Thank you to Gawie and the team for having started the lessons. They were beneficial and thanks to him and his guide I managed to pass the Paper 3 with a 70%. I will definitely recommend it to future candidates for the exams.

  • Vikara Naidoo

    I picked up my study notes from PostNet and I'm so impressed with not only the content and format but also with the efficiency in processing my order. The notes are so user-friendly and make the board exams a little less scary because I have such a great start to my preparation. Many thanks for a super easy and efficient process!

  • Ronel Janse van Rensburg

    First of all, I’d like to comment on Johan’s teaching style. I have really enjoyed his teaching. He has made a lot of work, much more bearable. He focuses on what is important to pass the exams, and does not get carried away by all the unnecessary detailed information which makes the study material unnecessarily bulky. I like that he has added a bit of humor in his teaching and that he gives examples. What I like the most, is that he starts his lectures by building a foundation, he does not just jump in and start doing questions. This is so important and has helped me a lot.

  • Soanne Ferreira

    I would just like to let you know that I have passed all four of my admission exams on the first try, thanks to your notes. Special thanks to Johan, the lectures and notes are fantastic. I will recommend it to anyone! 

  • Marianne Friend

    As a new attorney with no experience in conveyancing I have learned that there is a vast amount of things that is not covered on the academic side. I understand conveyancing so much better now.

  • Nabeela Suliman

    I thoroughly enjoyed the practical conveyancing course. I was informed of the simplest procedures which I initially found daunting, like lodging documents in the deeds office. Questions that were simple and which I was afraid to ask were answered and we went into detail with the entire transfer process.

  • Vera Reynolds

    I attended the practical course for conveyancing and would recommend it to all conveyancers, whether newly admitted or seasoned in practice. Melissa made the theory fun and the dots were certainly connected with the practical side of conveyancing – highly recommended!

  • Yolande Schoültz

    Ek wil graag ‘n kompliment van waardering rig aan Melissa vir haar absolute hoë standaard opleiding, en die deeglikheid waarmee sy haar klas aangebied het. Haar kennis en passie vir aktes is iets om na te streef, en ek kan defnitief opkyk na haar as ‘n rolmodel.

  • Roxanne Adams

    Once again this course has (as all other courses that I have attended with the Institute) pleasantly exceeded my expectations. The notes are comprehensive, and easily understandable, with useful 'nitty gritty' practical notes that you would never learn from studying the theory alone. The presentation was engaging and insightful, and Melissa was able to clearly answer all my questions. I would, without reservation, recommend this course.

  • Drienie Roodt

    Dit was die eerste keer wat ek board exams geskryf het en ek het al vier vraestelle op een slag geskryf - en deurgekom! Mense het vir my gelag en gese ek is mal. Ek het hard geleer en julle klasse bygewoon. Danksy julle en Mnr van Stade se klasse, kan ek met trots se dat ek al 4 vraestelle geslaag het. Dit was senutergend, maar ek is julle ewig dankbaar. Julle is werklik awesome en ek weet nie hoe anders ek dit sou gemaak het as dit nie was vir Johan nie. Hy het die nodige tyd ingewerk en seker gemaak almal wat sukkel is gehelp en selfversekerd.

  • Roxaan Diesel

    Wil net baie dankie sê vir julle puik kursus ek sal dit vir enigiemand aanbeveel! Ek is baie trots op my punt, ek het 86% gekry, een van die hoogste punte in Gauteng - alles te danke aan Erinda en julle puik span! Julle lewer 'n baie professionele diens en die klasse was baie insiggewend.

  • Lemeez Chilwan

    A big "thank you" to the whole team for all your assistance. I thoroughly enjoyed the course - Erinda is brilliant! The notes are super and provide an invaluable understanding of notarial practice. The notes are concise and very user friendly. I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I will recommend the Institute to my colleagues in the legal profession.

  • Sonica Wilken

    I just wanted to thank you for the best possible preparation material and classes for the Notary exam. Your passion for teaching shows and kept me motivated throughout this journey. I have passed the exam and it would not have been possible without your fabulous team. I am truly grateful for your training and guidance, especially since I am practising in intellectual property law and had to start from ground zero. I am soooo thankful and appreciative to your entire team! It is so refreshing dealing with a legal training institute that doesn’t require constant follow-up calls and emails.

  • Wendy de Bruyn

    Just wanted to let you guys know I passed the Notary Exam on my first sitting. I only attended the Examination Workshop as a refresher as I did the Course in Notarial Practice a while ago however never went to write due to work commitments. Thank you to all whom form part of the team, you guys are truly amazing.

  • Thandi January

    Thank you to GLR, in particular to Erinda for the classes and for answering my queries. I passed my notary exam at first attempt with 78.5% in Gauteng. The notes were easy to follow and the examples are exceptional. Oh yes, I worked hard, but I had a good background afforded by the self explanatory notes. I also want to thank the admin personnel for all your patience, assistance and most of all for listening when I needed help. I am more than chuffed with myself that I qualified as Conveyancer and a Notary within six months of each other.

  • Roxanne Adams

    I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is due. I am happy to say that I passed my conveyancing exams on the first attempt, and with under just three months of preparation. This course is without a doubt worth every penny. From the comprehensive notes to the guidance of Erinda in preparation for the exam, I would unreservedly recommend this course to anyone looking to write the conveyancing exams, and I myself in future will look to the Gawie le Roux Institute for any further professional education and development. A massive thumbs up and big thanks to the team! 

  • Jessica Osmond

    I just wanted to let you know that I passed my notaries exam first time. Even though I felt that I had not had much time to prepare considering working commitments, I felt that it was as a result of the notes provided by your firm and the wonderful lectures by Erinda which equipped me sufficiently to pass.

  • Nicole Martin

    I would just like to say a huge thank you for the amazing course in mediation. The videos that were uploaded were awesome and I must confess that out of pure interest, I did watch a few more than once. The explanations are incredible. I have been doing this work for a while, but sometimes a refresher with things like maintenance calculations and division of assets is really needed.  

  • Kate Paterson

    This course obviously allows for an additional qualification but it also teaches you skills that you can use when negotiating and dealing with clients in day to day practice. It also helps to provide clients with an understanding of the mediation process. The effort on the part of the trainers to provide a holistic skills and understanding of huge value.

  • Marina Murris

    Ek het die uitslae van my Aktebesorgers-eksamen ontvang (Oktober 2021) en geslaag met vlieënde vaandels, met my eerste probeerslag. Boonop het ek laat eers besluit om vir die eksamens in te skryf en het ek eers die tweede week van Julie begin met my selfstudie. Ek skryf my goeie resultate toe aan die uitstekende studie-materiaal. Ek wil hierdie geleentheid gebruik om julle te bedank vir die studie-materiaal wat ek ontvang het en uitsluitlik gebruik het vir my eksamenvoorbereiding. Dit het al die verskil gemaak.

  • Cleone Sham

    Thank you for a course that is easy to read and understand with good examples. A special thanks to the lecturer for his professional approach and friendly teaching mannerism.

  • Maruschka Wolmarans

    I passed the Conveyancing exam on my first attempt and GLR played a major role in my success. The notes provided are excellent and highly recommended. I also attended GLR’s online classes presented by Erinda. She explained the notes so well and was very helpful. Thank you so much for your professional service.

  • Leigh-Anne Dwyer

    I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I took on the enormous task of writing both Conveyancing and Notaries in April 2021 (after only starting to study for both in Feb. 2021). I received my results and passed both. I gave it my all but (other than through God's grace) I could not have done it without your teachings. I registered for the recordings. I also registered for another institution's course and all I can say is - I wouldn't have been here today if I didn't do your classes.

  • Elzahn van der Westhuizen

    I wish to share my absolute joy with you! I passed my conveyancing exams!! I just want to thank Erinda for the manner in which she presents a massive body of work and makes it look effortless. Teaching multiple classes for weeks and maintaining the energy all the while being factually correct is definitely no easy task. The manner in which she explains rather difficult concepts is superb and definitely helped for those moments where you look at a high mark allocation and hit a bit of a blank!

  • Yolande Schoültz

    Ek wil van hierdie geleentheid gebruik maak om te sê baie baie dankie vir die Gawie le Roux-span, ek het my akte-eksamen geslaag en word 23 November 2021 toegelaat as ‘n Aktevervaardiger. Ek sou dit nie kon doen sonder julle uitsonderlike kursus en voorbereiding nie. Baie dankie vir die ongelooflike professionele manier waarop julle hierdie kursus behartig. Ek het nog nie so iets in my lewe teëgekom nie. Dankie vir al die moeite en tyd wat elkeen van julle in hierdie kursus insit.

  • Michelle Franken

    Baie dankie vir die wonderlike kursus in aktebesorging. Dit was die eerste keer wat ek die eksamens gaan skryf het. Ek het 68% vir beide Vraestel 1 en 2 gekry, en dit sonder 'n dag se ondervinding in aktes. Dit was alles te danke aan Gawie le Roux se notas en die manier wat Erinda die kursus en die werkswinkel aangebied het. Ek gaan beslis die notariële kursus ook deur julle doen. Weereens baie dankie!

  • Safiyya Saidoo

    I am elated to share the wonderful news with all of you at the Gawie le Roux institute that I passed the Conveyancing exams!!! It was my first attempt and with no conveyancing experience I would like to say a very special thank you to ERINDA FRANTZEN. My results are a testament to her amazing lectures and explanations and the comprehensive notes. A few years back I also did the Notary course with her and passed the first time. I would recommend both these courses to all those who want to write the exam.  

  • Marcel Gerber

    I confirm that I passed the two conveyancing examinations in September 2021. It was my first time writing the exams. I started studying 1.5 months before the exam. I used the Gawie le Roux study notes and the recording of the classes presented by Erinda in early 2021 to prepare for the exam. A very big thank you to Erinda and the team for your excellent presentation and study material.

  • Anonymous, September 2021

    I attended the Course for Conveyancing as well as the Exam Preparation Workshop this year (2021) and passed both paper 1 and 2 on my first attempt in the September sitting. This was definitely all due to your amazing course and presentation! I will forever be grateful and will always recommend the Gawie le Roux Institute of Law.

  • Marietha Fourie

    Thank you so much for the great experience, insightful discussions and excellent information and tips received on the Practical Conveyancing for Attorneys Course! Your courses have never failed to exceed my expectations. 

  • Clinton Ras

    Ek wil graag die Gawie le Roux Regsinstituut en vir Melissa bedank vir die uitstekende 3-dag kursus die afgelope week. Ek is toegelaat as Aktebesorger maar het geen praktiese ondervinding in Aktes nie. Die kursus is uitstekend vir enige persoon wat nie ondervinding of min ondervinding in Aktes het. Ek sal die kursus vir enige iemand aanbeveel. Baie dankie vir julle puik diens. 

  • Tarsha Povall

    I would just like to send a testimonial regarding the practical conveyancing course that I attended with Melissa. I have been working in a conveyancing department for about a year now and I am amazed at how much I actually learnt. There is so much that I didn’t know and was not taught. After the first day I went home and told my husband that I was so extremely excited to go back to the course the following day as it was so interesting and I learnt so much. Even the admitted conveyancer that was present with us learnt so much that she did not know.

  • Mandi Swanepoel

    A colleague and I recently attended your Conveyancing typist course and would just like to say how much we enjoyed the course and how enlightening it was. Melissa has such a passion for what she does making her such an outstanding lecturer.

  • Rita Steyn

    My daughter and I attended the Basic Diploma course which was given by Melissa. Thank you for this opportunity, we both enjoyed it very much. I have been on other courses, but I must admit, this was the best one so far. The explanations and examples given were so informative. I would recommend anyone to do this course. Please congratulate everyone, especially Melissa, on the awesome work done.

  • Chamelle Jansen

    Ek en my twee kollegas het die basiese diploma kursus bygewoon. Dit was vir ons baie interessant en lekker. Ons wil net hiermee vir julle sê dat dit baie goeie notas is. Ons kon nie vir beter gevra het nie. Die dame, Melissa Smit, wat die klas aangebied het was ook ongelooflik goed, vriendelik en geduldig met ons. Die gevallestudie is baie oulik. Julle het baie moeite gedoen om ons te leer hoe om ‘n lêer oop te maak met al die voorbeelde. Dit gaan definitief ons werk vorentoe baie makliker maak.

  • Nolene Huysen

    Ek wil net vir julle terugvoer gee van die kursus wat ek laas week bygewoon het. Dit was awesome, ek het so baie geleer. En Melissa is die beste persoon vir dit, sy was great. Dit was soveel meer as wat ek verwag het. Melissa, baie dankie dat jy sulke goeie klasse aangebied het. Ek dink nie iemand anders kon dit beter gedoen het nie.

  • Delia‎ Jay

    Please convey my thanks to everyone at Aktepraktyk - I just heard that I passed my notaries exam on my first attempt and I am over the moon! I registered for the self-study course and the notes were brilliant - the concepts are so clearly explained and they covered everything thoroughly.‎ Please tell Erinda Frantzen what a great job she is doing.

  • Natasha Fletcher

    I attended your notarial practice and conveyancing courses respectively this year and want to thank you for your excellent courses and notes as I passed both the notarial practice exam and conveyancing exam first time. I have and am recommending your courses to my colleagues who want to write these exams. Thank you for what you have done to help further my career.

  • C. van Heerden

    I attended the Notary course. As a candidate attorney who had no previous experience in any form of drafting, your notes and classes helped me immensely to prepare for this examination. I passed the Notary Examination on my first attempt. I would like to thank you for your excellent notes and explanation of the various topics. I will recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a Notary public.

  • Samantha Margolis

    I just wanted to write to thank all of you at the Gawie le Roux Institute of Law for the notes and courses in respect of conveyancing and notarial practice. I did both courses earlier this year, wrote both exams and passed both first time. I would definitely recommend the notes and courses to colleagues in the future.

  • Yolanda Matwa

    I just want to thank Erinda Frantzen for the Notary lectures. I obtained 74.5% for the Notary exam. I work for the government and have no practical experience of Notary. I solely relied on your notes and the lectures. Thank you so much.

  • Shannon Kirsten Stowell

    I attended your Notarial Practice course and I passed the exam with 81.7%! I am definitely a very relieved and happy customer. In addition, my father who is also a practising conveyancer, received an email from one of the examiners which read as follows: "I understand that the candidate who goes by the name of S.K. Stowell and who wrote the recent notarial exam is your daughter? If so, please convey my heartiest congratulations to her on what was quite the most exceptional script I have ever marked.

  • Shalene Schreuder

    Ek het deurgekom met jul notas. Ek het net 3 maande studeer, maar het elke vrye oomblik daarvan studeer. Baie dankie vir jul fantastiese notas. Ek het 6de gekom in die eksamen van die Kaapse Wetsgenootskap, net 12 mense het deurgekom. Die hoogste punt was 60%, so die standaard is erg hoog. Dankie vir al jul fantastiese notas. Ek is vandag definitief bemagtig en nou kan ek toegelaat word as aktebesorger.

  • Clarise Daniels

    I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr le Roux and the Conveyancing course team as I passed my conveyancing exam. After a few attempts my dream has finally become a reality and that is due to your excellent notes and conveyancing course as I had no conveyancing experience when I began studying the material. All I can say is thank you, thank you and thank you for all your hard work and passion that helped motivate me!

  • Alexandru Olah

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the effort and passion you put in the Conveyancing courses and notes! I passed on my first attempt and managed to obtain 62%! Undoubtedly the amount of work I put in had something to do with my result but I am very confident that your notes and course have played a crucial part in my pass. Your notes and explanations make a fairly complex and extensive subject more approachable and understandable.

  • Candice Dimitri

    I would like to thank the Gawie le Roux Institute of Law for the extensive notes that were provided to me. I passed the conveyancing exam on my first attempt and it would not have been possible without the help and guidance of your team!

  • Dione Horn

    Ek was by die Notariële Kurses wat julle aangebied het met die doel op die eksamen wat later die jaar sou plaasvind. Ek het  een oggend vroeg 'n sms gekry wat lui "Dear D Horn.... Results for Not Exam... Pass..." Ek was in ekstase! Ek wil net vir Erinda dankie sê vir die manier hoe jy jou kurses aanbied, die stories wat jy vertel het waarin jy die teorie en drafting daarin deurtrek.

  • Nico Geldenhuys

    Ek weet jul span geniet en waardeer altyd positiewe terugvoer op die kursusse, so ek wil julle graag in kennis stel dat ek my notariële eksamen met die eerste probeerslag geslaag het! Danksy jul studiemateriaal en kursusse is ek nou ‘n trotse, gekwalifiseerde aktevervaardiger én notaris.

  • Angela Allnutt

    I have obtained the notarial update and have used the updates as a source of inspiration for studying towards the notary examination. This assisted me with exposure to the latest legislation and practice guidelines whilst attending to conveyancing when being employed as an attorney in the Eastern Cape. I have worked as an attorney in various facets of law and passed the notarial examination when my work commitments in practice allowed me to do so. I wish to thank you for your endless support and fulfillment!

  • Delia Jay

    Words cannot express my gratitude to Gawie and everyone at Aktepraktyk for all the brilliant notes you produce and the amazing course and pre-exam workshop. You are so passionate about what you do and without your inspiration I might have given up long ago. I am so thrilled to announce that I finally passed my Conveyancing Exam in KZN in May 2017! My story is not one of first time glory but persistent effort which enabled me to gain this valuable qualification. Your course is the best available and without it, there is no way I would have achieved what seemed an insurmountable task.

  • Nico Geldenhuys

    I got my conveyancing exam results last week and, I’m happy to report, I passed on my second attempt! I came close enough the first time around, but back then I was still out-of-depth in respect of mortgage bonds and sectional titles. This time I was much better prepared. Needless to say, I couldn’t have done it without your study notes. However, I also want to thank you sincerely for arranging with the convener of the examiners to address us at the finishing workshop.

  • Raeesa Ahmed

    I attended the conveyancing one-day workshop you presented before the examination and I just wish to extend my appreciation for your time and consideration in conducting the classes. I would also like to thank you for your kind words of encouragement to the attendees. I have passed the exam with God's help and I can say with certainty that I would not have managed it without Aktepraktyk's notes and the workshop you presented.

  • Alvine Samuel (Namibia)

    I received my conveyancing results after taking the Exam in May 2017. I have attended Erinda’s classes in Durban as well as the exam workshop and it all paid back. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Erinda and to the course. Thank you very much for making my dreams a reality.

  • Jamie Lee Fong

    I just wanted to say how grateful I am for having been able to attend your conveyancing course. I managed to pass on my first attempt after slightly more than a month's time to study for the exam. Many thanks for the good work that you do.

  • Jessica Thompson

    I attended your conveyancing course with hardly any experience in conveyancing. I wrote the exam for the first time in September and have just received my results and I am beyond thrilled to say that I passed first time! I honestly could not have achieved this without Gawie’s course and extensive well-structured notes. I am forever grateful towards your team and programme and would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in becoming a conveyancer.

  • Nabeela Suliman

    I attended the Exam Workshop held in Northcliff for the preparation of the Conveyancing Exam September 2017. I am delighted to inform Ms. Frantzen that I received my results yesterday and I passed my exam on the first attempt. I can truly say that the self-study notes and the exam workshop played such a vital role and I could not have written the exam without it. Questions that were discussed in the workshop (especially that extending clause question) was repeated in the exam! Erinda can rejoice at what a brilliant and amazing lecturer she is!

  • Kirthi Biseswar

    I wanted to say a very big thank you for an amazing conveyancing course. Your presenter was amazing and not only has a wealth of knowledge also has the passion and inspiration to teach and impart her knowledge expertly. Thank you very much.

  • Wendy Cook

    I passed my Conveyancing exam! Thank you to Erinda and everyone – especially Erinda for her informative exam prep class! I couldn’t have done it without all of you. I was really feeling quite despondent and after that exam prep class I knew I had a fighting chance and came back home and just studied even harder and well, there you go, the results speak for themselves.

  • Rantha Sahadew

    I passed my conveyancing exam on the first attempt and it would not have been possible had it not been for the comprehensive notes and case studies that were provided to me and the amazing way that it was unpacked during lectures. Thank you for the support I received during my study time. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone interested in the conveyancing profession.

  • Kay Steenkamp

    Ek het my Aktebesorger Eksamen afgelê en was suksesvol om dit die eerste keer te kon slaag, alles danksy u firma. Ek het eers in Maart besluit om in te skryf vir die Akte eksamen en was dus ongelukkig te laat om die week-kursus by te woon. Die notas en die eendag-kursus wat Erinda Frantzen aangebied het was meer as voldoende om my deur die eksamen te help. Die notas is baie goed en duidelik-verstaanbaar uiteengesit en Erinda het ‘n aansteeklike passie vir haar werk en dit het op my afgesmeer.

  • Estelle Gerber

    Ek wil u as ‘n firma hartlik bedank vir die hulp ten opsigte van my eksamenvoorbereiding. Ek het my eksamen geslaag en ek weet ek sou dit nie kon gedoen het sonder die fantastiese hulp nie.

  • Susandra van Wyk

    Ek het sopas via sms verneem dat ek my Aktes deur is. Ek wil vreeslik graag vir Erinda bedank. Ek sou dit net eenvoudig nooit gemaak het as dit nie vir haar puik klasgee en notas was nie. Ek het ‘blank’ geslaan met my eerste vraestel maar haar wenke, het my laat “herstel” en ek kon toe die vrae beantwoord.

  • Cathrin Nel

    Ek het die kursus in Bloemfontein (Julie 2017) bygewoon, nou in September vir die eerste keer gaan skryf en geslaag! Julle lewer ‘n fantastiese diens en produk, vanaf administratiewe reëlings, studiemateriaal, aanbieding en lokaalkeuse! Baie dankie.

  • Wilhelm Smith

    Ek het die eksamen vir die tweede keer op 6 September 2017 geskryf. Ek het optimisties gevoel na ek geskryf het en gereken dat die vraestel billik was. Ek het uitgevind dat ek suksesvol was met ‘n punt van 59%. Ek dank u vir die massiewe rol wat u in my uitslag gespeel het met die onverbeterlike aanbieding van die notas en ook die kort voor eksamen kursus. Ek is ook dankbaar vir die notas, wat nie die werk maklik maak nie, maar dit op die mees sinvolle en bruikbare wyse denkbaar voorstel. Ek is baie gelukkig.


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