• Marietha Fourie

    Thank you so much for the great experience, insightful discussions and excellent information / tips received on the Practical Conveyancing for Attorneys Course! Your courses have never failed to exceed my expectations. 

  • Clinton Ras

    Ek wil graag die Sentrum vir Aktepraktyk en vir Melissa bedank vir die uitstekende 3 dag kursus die afgelope week. Ek is toegelaat as Aktebesorger in Augustus 2015 maar het geen praktiese ondervinding in Aktes nie. Die kursus is uitstekend vir enige persoon wat nie ondervinding of min ondervinding in Aktes het.

    Ek sal die kursus vir enige iemand aanbeveel. Baie dankie vir julle puik diens. 

  • Tarsha Povall

    I would just like to send a testimonial regarding the practical conveyancing course that I attended last week with Melissa.

    I have been working in a conveyancing department for about a year now and I am amazed at how much I actually learnt. There is so much that I didn’t know and was not taught.

    After the first day I went home and told my husband that I was so extremely excited to go back to the course the following day as it was so interesting and I learnt to much. Even the admitted conveyancer that was present with us learnt so much that she did not know.

  • Mandi Swanepoel

    Lillian du Plooy & I recently attended your Conveyancing typist course in Johannesburg and would just like to say how much we enjoyed the course and how enlightening it was. Melissa has such a passion for what she does making her such an outstanding lecturer.

  • Rita Steyn

    My daughter and I attended the Basic Diploma course which was given by Melissa. Thank you for this opportunity we both enjoyed it very much. I myself have been on other courses but I must admit this was the best one so far. The explanations and examples given were so informative. I would recommend anyone to do this course. Please congratulate everyone especially Melissa on the awesome work done.

  • Chamelle Jansen

    Ek en my 2 kollegas het die basiese diploma kursus in Kaapstad bygewoon. Dit was vir ons baie interessant en lekker. Ons wil net hiermee vir julle sê dat dit baie goeie notas is. Ons kon nie vir beter gevra het nie. Die dame, Melissa Smit, wat die klas aangebied het was ook ongelooflik goed, vriendelik en geduldig met ons. Ons wil net noem dat die gevallestudie baie oulik is. Julle het baie moeite gedoen om mens te leer hoe om ‘n leêr oop te maak met al die voorbeelde. Dit gaan definitief ons werk vorentoe baie makliker maak. Daarvoor wil ek vir julle baie dankie se.

  • Nolene Huysen

    Ek wil net vir julle terugvoer gee van die kursus wat ek laas week bygewoon het… Dit was awesome, ek het so baie geleer. En Melissa is die beste persoon vir dit, sy was great. Dit was soveel meer as wat ek verwag het. Melissa, baie dankie dat jy sulke goeie klasse aangebied het. Ek dink nie iemand anders kon dit beter gedoen het nie.

  • Delia‎ Jay

    Please convey my thanks to everyone at Aktepraktyk - I just heard that I passed my notaries exam on my first attempt and I am over the moon! I registered for the self-study course and the notes were brilliant - the concepts are so clearly explained and they covered everything thoroughly.‎ Please tell Erinda Frantzen what a great job she is doing.

  • Natasha Fletcher

    I attended your notarial practice and conveyancing courses respectively this year and want to thank you for your excellent courses and notes as I passed both the notarial practice exam and conveyancing exam first time. I have and am recommending your courses to my colleagues who want to write these exams. Thank you for what you have done to help further my career.

  • C. van Heerden

    I attended the Notary course you presented in Cape Town during March. As a candidate attorney who had no previous experience in any form of drafting your notes and classes helped me immensely to prepare for this examination. I was informed earlier today that I passed the Notary Examination on my first attempt I would like to thank you for your excellent notes and explanation of the various topics. I will recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a Notary public.

  • Samantha Margolis

    I just wanted to write to thank all of you at the Centre for Conveyancing Practice for the notes and courses in respect of conveyancing and notarial practice. I did both courses earlier this year, wrote both exams and passed both first time. I would definitely recommend the notes and courses to colleagues in the future.

  • Yolanda Matwa

    I just want to thank Erinda Frantzen for the Notary lectures. I obtained 74.5% for the Notary October exam. I work for the government and have no practical experience of Notary. I solely relied on your notes and the lectures. Thank you so much.

  • Shannon Kirsten Stowell

    I attended your Notarial Practice course in Durban earlier in 2017 and was advised yesterday that I passed the exam with 81.7%! I am definitely a very relieved and happy customer. In addition, my father who is also a practising conveyancer, received an email from one of the examiners which read as follows: "I understand that the candidate who goes by the name of S.K. Stowell and who wrote the recent notarial exam is your daughter? If so, please convey my heartiest congratulations to her on what was quite the most exceptional script I have ever marked.

  • Shalene Schreuder

    Ek het deurgekom met jul notas. Ek het net 3 maande studeer, maar het elke vrye oomblik daarvan studeer. Baie dankie vir jul fantastiese notas. Ek het 6de gekom in die eksamen van die Kaapse Wetsgenootskap, net 12 mense het deurgekom. Die hoogste punt was 60%, so die standaard is erg hoog.

    Dankie vir al jul fantastiese notas ek is vandag definitief bemagtig en nou kan ek toegelaat word as aktebesorger.

  • Clarise Daniels

    I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr Le Roux and the Conveyancing course team as I passed my conveyancing exam that was written in September 2016.

    After a few attempts my dream has finally become a reality and that is due to your excellent notes and conveyancing course as I had no conveyancing experience when I began studying the material.

    All I can say is thank you, thank you and thank you for all your hard work and passion that helped motivate me!

  • Richard McCafferty

    Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your team for your outstanding conveyancing notes. With the assistance of these notes I was able to pass the conveyancing examination at my first attempt.

  • Alexandru Olah

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the effort and passion you put in the Conveyancing courses and notes!

    I took your conveyancing course in Durban during February 2016 and I wrote the exam in Pietermaritzburg in May 2016, it was my first attempt and I managed to obtain 62%!

    Undoubtedly the amount of work I put in had something to do with my result but I am very confident that your notes and course have played a crucial part in my pass.

    Your notes and explanations make a fairly complex and extensive subject more approachable and understandable.

  • Candice Dimitri

    I would like to thank the Centre for Conveyancing Practice on the extensive notes that were provided to me. I passed the conveyancing exam in September 2016 on my first attempt and it would not have been possible without the help and guidance of your team!

  • Yolanda Matwa

    I just want to thank for the Notary lectures as well as answering my questions below. I obtained 74.5% for the Notary October exam. I work for government and have no practical experience of Notary. I solely relied on your notes and the lectures. Thank you so much.

  • Dione Horn

    Ek was vroeer die jaar by die Notariele Kurses wat jy aangebied het in Northcliff met die doel op die eksamen later die jaar wat sou plaasvind.

    Ek het vroeër die maand een oggend vroeg 'n sms gekry wat lui "Dear D Horn.... Results for Not Exam... Pass..." Ek was in ekstase!

  • Nico Geldenhuys

    Ek weet jul span geniet waardeer altyd positiewe terugvoer op die kursusse, so ek wil jou graag in kennis stel dat ek my notariële kursus met die eerste probeerslag geslaag het!

    Danksy jul studiemateriaal en kursusse is ek nou ‘n trotse, gekwalifiseerde aktevervaardiger én notaris.

  • Angela Allnutt

    I have obtained the notarial update from 2008 and have used the updates as a source of inspiration for studying towards the notary examination and assisting me with exposure to the latest legislation and practice guidelines whilst attending to conveyancing when being employed as an attorney in the Eastern Cape. I have worked as an attorney in various facets of law and passed the notarial examination in 2017 when my work commitments in practice allowed me to do so. I wish to thank you for your endless support and fulfilment!

  • Delia Jay

    Words cannot express my gratitude to Gawie and everyone at Aktepraktyk for all the brilliant notes you produce and the amazing course and pre-exam workshop. You are so passionate about what you do and without your inspiration I might have given up long ago. I am so thrilled to announce that I finally passed my Conveyancing Exam in KZN in May 2017! My story is not one of first time glory but persistent effort which enabled me to gain this valuable qualification. Your course is the best available and without it, there is no way I would have achieved what seemed an insurmountable task.

  • Nico Geldenhuys

    I got my conveyancing exam results last week and, I’m happy to report, I passed on my second attempt! I came close enough the first time around, but back then I was still out-of-depth in respect of mortgage bonds and sectional titles. This time I was much better prepared. Needless to say, I couldn’t have done it without your study notes. However, I also want to thank you sincerely for arranging with the convener of the examiners to address us at the finishing workshop.

  • Raeesa Ahmed

    I attended the conveyancing one-day workshop you presented before the examination and I just wish to extend my appreciation for your time and consideration in conducting the classes. I would also like to thank you for your kind words of encouragement to the attendees. I have passed the exam with God's help and I can say with certainty that I would not have managed it without Aktepraktyk's notes and the workshop you presented.

  • Alvine Samuel (Namibia)

    I received my conveyancing results after taking the Exam in May 2017. I have attended Erinda’s classes in Durban as well as the exam workshop and it all paid back. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Erinda and to the course. Thank you very much for making my dreams a reality.

  • Jamie Lee Fong

    I just wanted to say how grateful I am for having been able to attend your conveyancing course. I wrote the September 2017 exam and managed to pass on my first attempt after slightly more than a month's time to study for the exam. Many thanks for the good work that you do.

  • Tasneem Areff

    I just wanted to thank everyone who was involved in the creation of the conveyancing notes. I have no experience and I passed it the first time. The notes are brilliant!

  • Jessica Thompson

    I attended your conveyancing course in July 2017 with hardly any experience in conveyancing. I wrote the exam for the first time in September and have just received my results and I am beyond thrilled to say that I passed first time!

    I honestly could not have achieved this without Gawie’s course and extensive well structured notes. I am forever grateful towards your team and programme and would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in becoming a conveyancer.

  • Nabeela Suliman

    I attended the Exam Workshop held in Northcliff for the preparation of the Conveyancing Exam September 2017. I am delighted to inform Ms. Frantzen that I received my results yesterday and I passed my exam on the first attempt. I can truly say that the self-study notes and the exam workshop played such a vital role and I could not have written the exam without it. Questions that were discussed in the workshop (especially that extending clause question) was repeated in the exam! Erinda can rejoice at what a brilliant and amazing lecturer she is!

  • Kirthi Biseswar

    I wanted to say a very big thank you for an amazing conveyancing course. Your presenter was amazing and not only has a wealth of knowledge also has the passion and inspiration to teach and impart her knowledge expertly. Thank you very much.

  • Wendy Cook

    I passed my Conveyancing exam! Thank you to Erinda and everyone – especially Erinda for her informative exam prep class! I couldn’t have done it without all you. I was really feeling quite despondent and after that exam prep class I knew I had a fighting chance and came back home and just studied even harder and well, there you go, the results speak for themselves.

  • Rantha Sahadew

    I passed my conveyancing exam on the first attempt and I would not have been possible had it not been for the comprehensive notes and case study's that were provided to me and the amazing way that it was unpacked during lectures. Thank you for the support I received during my study time. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone interested in the conveyancing profession.

  • Sone Victor

    Dankie aan Gawie en julle hele span – dit was eintlik ‘n wonderlike wervaring om met julle te kon werk. Ek glo nogsteeds dit is absoluut moontlik om met julle kursesse en notas jou Aktes die eerste keer te slaag!

  • Kay Steenkamp

    Ek het my Aktebesorger Eksamen in Mei 2017 afgelê en was suksesvol om dit die eerste keer te kon slaag alles danksy u firma. Ek het eers in Maart besluit om in te skryf vir die Akte eksamen en was dus ongelukkig te laat om die week-kursus by te woon. Die notas en die eendag-kursus wat Erinda Frantzen in Kaapstad aangebied het was meer as voldoende om my deur die eksamen te help. Die notas is baie goed en duidelik verstaanbaar uiteengesit en Erinda het ‘n aansteeklike passie vir haar werk en dit het op my afgesmeer.

  • Estelle Gerber

    Ek wil u as ‘n firma hartlik bedank vir die hulp ten opsigte van my eksamenvoorbereiding in Mei 2017. Ek het my eksamen geslaag en ek weet ek sou dit nie kon gedoen het sonder die fantastiese hulp nie.

  • Susandra van Wyk

    Ek het so pas via sms verneem dat ek my Aktes deur is. Ek wil vreeslik graag vir Erinda bedank. Ek sou dit net eenvoudig nooit gemaak het as dit nie vir haar puik klasgee en notas was nie. Ek het ‘blank’ geslaan met my eerste vraestel maar haar wenke, het my laat “herstel” en ek kon toe die vrae beantwoord.

  • Cathrin Nel

    Ek het die kursus in Bloemfontein (Julie 2017) bygewoon, nou in September vir die eerste keer gaan skryf en geslaag! Julle lewer ‘n fantastiese diens en produk, vanaf administratiewe reëlings, studiemateriaal, aanbieding en lokaal keuse! Baie dankie

  • Wilhelm Smith

    Ek het die eksamen vir die tweede keer op 6 September 2017 geskryf. Ek het optimisties gevoel na ek geskryf het en gereken dat die vraestel billik was. Ek het uitgevind dat ek suksesvol was met ‘n punt van 59%. Ek dank u vir die massiewe rol wat u in my uitslag gespeel het met die onverbeterlike aanbieding van die notas en ook die kort voor eksamen kursus. Ek is ook dankbaar vir die notas, wat nie die werk maklik maak nie, maar dit op die mees sinvolle en bruikbare wyse denkbaar voorgestel. Ek is baie gelukkig.


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