'Course in conveyancing' case study: Nomlayo Mabhena-Mlilo

Monday, February 6, 2023, 10:11
Nomlayo Mabhena-Mlilo

Nomlayo completed Gawie le Roux Institute of Law's Course in conveyancing in 2018.


A trailblazer

"In 2019, I was named the youngest black female attorney to be admitted as a conveyancer by the Legal Practice Council.  I was 23 years old at the time.  It genuinely felt amazing because it was somewhat of a goal.  I always had the intention to write the conveyancing exam.  Thereafter, I read that another young lady had been named the youngest black female attorney to be admitted as a conveyancer at the age of 24.  So, it became a goal to break that record. It felt really great achieving it."


More about Nomlayo

"I am a senior associate at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr.  I started my articles of clerkship at CDH in January 2017.  I was retained as an associate in January 2019.  Thereafter, I was promoted to senior associate in 2022."



"I completed my matric at Blue Hills College in Midrand in 2012.  I then proceeded to pursue my LLB at the University of Pretoria and graduated cum laude in 2016."


Motivation for enrolling for our 'Course in conveyancing'

"When I was in university, I really enjoyed property law.  I thought it was something I would enjoy in practice.  When I did vacation work at CDH in 2015, the head of the real estate department at the time, gave us a lecture on the real estate department and some interesting cases such as registering special notarial bonds on the engines of aircrafts as one cannot be registered over the aircraft itself.  I found that to be very interesting.  At CDH, as candidate attorneys, we are allowed four rotations in different departments.  I therefore requested for a rotation in the Real Estate department.  Having gained some practical experience, I was motivated to enrol for the conveyancing course.

The course certainly helped me in preparing for the exam as the notes provided by the institution are very comprehensive and offer a lot of guidance.  Further, the course itself points you in the right direction in respect of studying.  It also provides practical insights into the conveyancing practice."


Nomlayo’s study tips

"The conveyancing exam is quite a lengthy exam with a lot of content to be memorised.  It is important to start studying a few months in advance just to get acquainted with the material.  Given the amount of content in the exam, it is quite impossible to cram.  It is therefore better to have a full understanding of the work."


Motivation to pursue a career as an attorney

"I have always had a passion for law.  This passion was enhanced by a book I read as a child called The Innocent Prisoner by Kwasi Koranteng.  I held the view then that the legal field would be best suited for me to make a difference in the world."


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