Practical Conveyancing for Attorneys


    Congratulations on passing the conveyancing exam! (And fingers crossed if you’re still preparing for it.)

    We all know that it’s one thing to pass the exam, but quite another to start practicing with confidence, which is why this crash course teaches you all the nitty-gritty detail of conveyancing’s practical side.


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    Benefits of this course


    • The theoretical section consists of a set of notes with the theory applicable for this course. We do, however, assume that, as you are a recently admitted conveyancer or aspiring to become one, you possess a basic understanding of the theory of conveyancing.

    • Register early to get your notes well in advance. This will enable you to refresh your mind on the theory before the start of the course.


    • The practical section is where you get the good stuff. We discuss two practical case studies, illustrating how the theory is applied in practice.

    • You also receive comprehensive manuals explaining deeds of transfer and mortgage bond registrations all the way from the opening of the file to its final closure.

    • We guide you in how to set up a proven system in your office.

    • You will learn about the financial aspects of a transfer file.

    • The best part is that these manuals are now yours to use as reference guide in your office.

    Course Content

    Want more detail?

    Have a look at our course content and check out what previous clients have to say in the testimonials below.

    Course Content

    Course Content

    Module 1

    • Conventional and Sectional Deeds of Transfer - Theory

    Module 2

    • Conventional Deed of Transfer with Sectional Title Transfer Input – Practical Case Study

    Module 3

    • Mortgage Bonds: Registration and Cancellation Procedure – Theory and Practice

    Course Content

    Our Promise

    • Nothing can replace the valuable experience gained in the workplace, but our course will give you a foothold so you can work faster and more efficiently.

    • We will equip you with a proven system that will give you the confidence your conveyancing practice needs.

    • Are you a newly admitted conveyancer, a sole proprietor working without a secretary, or running the conveyancing department in an established law firm? Then this course will change your life!

    Course Content

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