'Conveyancing for secretaries (paralegals)' success story: René White

Monday, May 13, 2024, 4:06
Rene White

René White earned a Gold Certificate for Levels 1-3 (Estates) of the Conveyancing for secretaries (paralegals) course.

A Gold Certificate is issued when we receive an affidavit from your employer, stating that you have independently and flawlessly completed a prescribed task, related to the relevant level.

These Gold Certificates are undoubtedly a very distinguished award – something to be rightly proud of. 


About René

René is currently a conveyancing secretary at Steyn Coetzee



"I’ve previously worked as a property administrator at a well-known property practitioner whereafter I applied for a bonds secretary position at Steyn Coetzee Inc.  After leaving for an office manager position, I returned in 2015 as a conveyancing secretary in the transfers department and will be celebrating my 9th year at Steyn Coetzee this year." 


Motivation for enrolling for the Conveyancing for secretaries (paralegals) course

"I always strive to be the best I possibly can and this was an opportunity I had to take up when my conveyancer and director suggested that I do this course.  My work is a super important part of me and I give my all for each and every matter and also to give the best service to our clients.  The best part of my work is when clients come back after registration and commend me on the good work and friendly service." 


Practical tasks performed to receive these certificates

"As I’ve been at my firm for almost 9 years, I have done a lot of different conveyancing work.  I have vast experience in conventional, sectional and estate transfers." 


Key takeaways

"I will definitely be better at what I do in future as I have a totally different understanding of the field. 'You are never too old to learn new things'.”


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