'Conveyancing for secretaries' case study: Estelle Lessing

Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 5:01
Estelle Lessing

Estelle Lessing received a Gold Certificate for each level of our 'Conveyancing for secretaries (paralegals)' course.


About Estelle

"I am employed as a Paralegal in Conveyancing and started working at Coetzee & Venter Attorneys on 23 February 2021 in this role."



"I had no formal high school education.  I completed an N2 in Wholesale and Retail in 2005 and was nominated as top student in the Eastern Cape.  I completed my Matric through Ikhala College and was nominated again as top student in the Eastern Cape in 2006.  I started working at Coetzee & Venter Attorneys as a personal assistant/secretary for Mr. F. J. Coetzee in 2010 (doing: bond cancellations/typing correspondence/transfers/water rights for farms/litigation).  In 2016 I started working at Tam Safaris attending to their property rentals and in 2018 I started working at Metcalf & Co Attorneys doing collections, reception, and litigation." 


Motivation for enrolling for the Conveyancing for secretaries (paralegals) course

"I am a hard worker and very competitive.  I believe that education is the pathway to all success and a better future, ensuring that you set yourself apart from the crowd opens better opportunities and pathways for your future.  I was fortunate enough and grateful to my employer Mr. F. J. Coetzee who has mentored and believed in me and afforded me this opportunity even more so that I was able to attend these courses at Gawie le Roux Institute of Law to improve myself."


Practical tasks performed to receive these certificates

"I have obtained three Golden Certificates for Conventional Deed of Transfer/Sectional Title Deeds of Transfer/Estate Transfer.  I first had to complete the three individual courses – five examinations/evaluations and at work, I independently open the file, draw up all provisional and supporting documents, draw up the deed of transfer and liaise with correspondents and simultaneous firms, draft accounts and handle the financial side and proceed to close the file for the various departments.  I did the self-study courses and had to study at night."


Key takeaways

"You have to understand that conveyancing is a complex legal process to maintain the high standard of land registration and these courses and manuals are set out so meticulously and in detail making it easy for me to complete my daily tasks with confidence as well as dealing with clients and the public’s queries in a professional manner and resolving any questions and uncertainty they may have.  I use these manuals on a daily basis as it is my go-to guide." 


A note from Estelle's employer

"The course and qualification gave Estelle considerable confidence to deal directly and knowledgeably with clients.  As a result, Estelle has been able to take a lot of responsibility off my shoulders and led to a great improvement in the firm's ability, and improved our productivity and delivering an improved service to our clients." - Frikkie Coetzee, Conveyancer and Director at Coetzee & Venter Incorporated



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