'Practical conveyancing for attorneys' case study: Elanie Nunez

Wednesday, September 27, 2023, 4:08
Elanie Nunez

Elanie Nunez completed Gawie le Roux Institute of Law's Practical conveyancing for attorneys course.  She started her own law firm in 2023.


About Elanie

"I am currently employed as the managing director at my own firm, Nunez Attorneys Inc. which I have been fortunate enough to have opened in January 2023."



"I was admitted as an attorney in 2019, as a conveyancer in 2021, and as a notary in 2023.  I started my career as a professional assistant at a general practice firm in 2019, where I gained valuable experience in civil litigation, insurance law, contract law, and administration of deceased estates.  In 2021 I ventured into the corporate world and went on the non-practicing roll where I worked for a reputable tax consulting firm and specialised in tax law as a tax attorney.  During 2022 I started dreaming of opening my own firm and going back to practice.  I then decided to pursue the notary examination, which I wrote in September 2022 and successfully passed.  Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to start my own firm in the beginning of 2023, and I now mainly specialise in commercial law, notarial practice, conveyancing, and wills and deceased estates."  


Why conveyancing?

"Ever since I can remember I’ve been absolutely fascinated with the property world and I knew whatever career I decided to pursue, it would someday be integrated with real estate. The beauty of conveyancing however is that it combines real estate with specialised legal rules and I am absolutely in love with conveyancing.  I don’t fit the litigator attorney box, and conveyancing provided me with the opportunity to excel in law and to showcase my administrative strengths, attention to detail, and passion for being challenged." 


Motivation for enrolling for Practical conveyancing for attorneys

"When I opened my firm, my practical experience mainly consisted of general practice, commercial law, and tax law.  My exposure to everyday conveyancing was very limited, and a colleague mentioned the Practical conveyancing for attorneys course.  I’m truly thankful for this course as it gave me the confidence to provide conveyancing services despite my prior limited exposure thereto in practice." 


Key takeaways

"It honestly feels as though I was granted the opportunity to learn everything that is needed to successfully tackle a conveyancing matter, in a matter of a few days, that would have taken me a few years to learn had I not done the course.  The calibre of Mrs Smit however not only provided us with the theoretical and extensive practical knowledge, but she also conveyed the importance of the attitude with which conveyancing should be approached.  Everything that I learned in this course, thanks to Mrs Smit, gave me the confidence to not let myself be held back due to my prior limited exposure to the conveyancing practice.  And whenever I am doubtful or forgot any aspect, I can refer to the comprehensive guides that were provided."


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