'General courses' case study: Kimentha Teufel

Monday, February 20, 2023, 10:43
Kimentha Teufel

Kimentha obtained distinctions for all three modules of General courses for paralegals.


About Kimentha

“I am the Landlord Liaison (Asset Management – Legal) at Ad Outpost and I have been employed in this role since 1 March 2018.”



“I have worked at Ad Outpost for over 10 years.  Prior to being promoted to Ad Outpost’s MANCO team as Landlord Liaison, I worked in the operations, procurement and sales department. In 2012 I completed my BBA Marketing Management degree through The Institute of Marketing Management IMM (GSM) and in 2013 a Digital Marketing Course through Vega.  In 2018 I completed a Business Contracts & Service Level Agreement workshop through PLDSA, Prosperity Leadership Development (Pty) Ltd.”


Motivation for enrolling for General courses

“I wanted to enrol for this course as a large part of my role involves negotiating and draft agreements and renewal letters.  I wanted to educate myself further on all the legal jargon and just improve my knowledge and understanding.”


Assessments completed to obtain certificates

“I found that it really tested my understanding of the course as there were questions with scenarios that required a large degree of application.  I enjoyed that it covered a lot of the study material and that it truly tested my knowledge on everything that I had learned.”


Key takeaways

“The knowledge and understanding that I have gained enable me to approach my work with more confidence, having a solid foundation.”

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