Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our Structured 5-month course

Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 8:54
How does the Structured 5-month course differ from the other study options?

The main feature of this course is that it has a recommended 5-month study schedule.  This schedule is a time-management tool that will help you to achieve your learning goals.  You will be able to pace yourself and give yourself enough time to study for the challenging conveyancing exam.

We offer flexible, affordable payment options (pay as you go).  You can pay for each module individually when you’re ready to receive your study material.

More benefits of this course are available here.

Can I attend the structured course online?

No, this course is only available as recordings for your convenience.  Register and study at any time.

When will I receive my notes?

Course material will be available from mid-November 2023.  Precise dates will be communicated to you directly by your course coordinator, Ilana Verkuyl.  To enquire, please email

Will it be the updated notes?

Yes, you’ll receive Edition 41.

How do I obtain my course notes?

Course notes will be sent to your nearest PostNet branch.  You can opt to pick up your notes from our offices in Lynnwood, Pretoria during designated times.

When will I receive my videos?

Videos will be recorded in November 2023.  You can start registering for the entire course and receive your study material and videos as we record the modules one by one.  Notes will be available from mid-November, while the videos for all modules will be available at the start of December 2023.  We appreciate your patience as we finalise the logistics of this new course.

How many videos will each module comprise?

We will be able to determine the exact number of videos per module once we start recording the modules.

How long will I have access to each video?

Access to the recordings is restricted to 4 weeks per module.  Your login details expire strictly 4 weeks after you log in for the first time.

How many views will I have?

You’ll receive 2x views per video.  Please see the Terms & Conditions on the registration page.  Instructions will be communicated to you directly by your course coordinator, (Ilana Verkuyl).

How will the mock exam exercises be sent?

Mock exam exercises will be sent in PDF format.

Will the exercises be evaluated?

Mock exam exercises will not be evaluated.

How will I know if my answers are correct?

The lecturer will provide the answers.

If I only register for a few modules of the Structured 5-month course, will I be able to update my notes?

You must purchase all 7 modules within the same year to be able to update your entire set of course notes. 

Are the videos and notes available in English as well as Afrikaans?

The structured course is currently only available in English.

I have already registered for one of the other study options, but I’d like to switch over to the structured course. Is that possible?

Please contact your course coordinator at to make an arrangement.

Where do I register for the structured course?

Please follow this direct link.


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