Candidates' Crash Courses

Registration - Step 1

Venue and language
Candidates' Crash Courses - Online Lectures, Bookkeeping 8:00-12:30
Terms and Conditions
  1. These courses are for attorneys who want to write the LPC's Attorneys' Admission Examinations.
  2. Registration is conditional until we receive proof of payment.
  3. No instalments or down payments are accepted.
  4. Registrations close two work days before a course commences.
  5. If you have not received confirmation from us within two work days after registration, it might mean that something went wrong with the registration. In such a case, please confirm your registration with us.
  6. Your registration for a course can be postponed to a later date if it is not possible to attend.
  7. To protect our intellectual property, no recordings of online classes will be made available. Should you miss a lecture or a part of a lecture, you can join that part of the lecture the next time the course is presented. Contact us for details, should this be the case.
  8. No refund can be made in the case of a cancellation if study material has already been sent.
  9. No attendance of the course will be allowed making use of someone else's study material.
  10. Course material is copyrighted and sharing of the material is prohibited.
  11. The Gawie le Roux Institute of Law reserves the right to cancel any course at any venue or online if insufficient entries are received, or for any other reason whatsoever.

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