'Course in conveyancing' success story: Yvette Kotzee

Wednesday, June 5, 2024, 11:07
Yvette Kotzee

Yvette Kotzee passed both conveyancing exam papers during the first session in 2024.  She is currently a Professional Assistant Attorney and Notary Public at Bouwer & Olivier Inc.



"I completed my secondary education at Hoërskool Dr Malan in 2014.  Subsequently, I obtained a BCom Law degree in 2017 and an LLB degree in 2019, both from North-West University (NWU).  In April 2022, I was admitted as an attorney, and in August 2023, I was admitted as a Notary Public.  I am currently practising in these capacities at Bouwer & Olivier Inc., where I also commenced and completed my articles."


Motivation for enrolling at the Gawie le Roux Institute of Law

"My decision to pursue a career in conveyancing followed my successful completion of the notarial practice exam in April 2023.  Despite having no prior experience in conveyancing, the notarial exam sparked my interest in title deeds and the underlying legal theory, motivating me to embark on this new journey." 

"I am pleased to share that I passed the conveyancing examination on my first attempt."


Preparing for the conveyancing exam

"I enrolled in the new 5-month structured conveyancing course offered by GLR, which I found highly informative and rewarding.  The course material was delivered through a series of video sessions, each divided into different modules, providing flexibility for my study schedule.  These concise videos together with the suggested study schedule offered clear guidance and the mock exam exercises were particularly beneficial.

In January and February 2024, I also attended the online classes to reinforce my understanding of the material and to benefit from the opportunity to ask questions.  Additionally, I participated in the exam preparation course in April 2024, which provided me with the final confidence boost needed to approach the exam with a strong mindset."


Yvette's study tips

"I recommend ensuring a thorough understanding of the content, attending the exam preparation workshop, and not hesitating to ask questions.  Additionally, practising drafting and working through previous examination papers under exam conditions can significantly enhance your readiness."


On passing both papers

"While the low pass rate can be discouraging, I believe that a focused approach aimed at comprehending the material, rather than merely memorising it, can lead to success, even in the face of challenging examinations."


A final word

"I am eagerly anticipating the practical conveyancing course presented by GLR, and I am committed to enhancing my expertise in conveyancing and notarial practice."

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