'Attorneys' exam training' case study: Tshidi Mokgobo

Tuesday, December 5, 2023, 9:57
Tshidi Mokgobo

Tshidi Mokgobo passed all her board exam papers and the conveyancing exam on her first attempt.  She opted for the self-study options for Paper 1 and 3 and the recordings option to prepare for the conveyancing examination.


About Tshidi

Tshidi is currently a candidate attorney at STBB.



"I completed my matric at Brebner High School in Bloemfontein in 2016.  Thereafter, I  pursued an LLB degree at the University of the Western Cape where I completed my studies in 2021 and officially graduated in 2022." 


Motivation for enroling for our Attorneys' exam training

"The motivation for enroling in the admission exam courses was simply because I was seeking study material that was easy to understand and would simultaneously cover all the necessary information for the more theoretical papers, being Paper 1 and Paper 3 of the competency-based examinations.  These courses provided me with exactly what I needed and more.

In addition to the above, the conveyancing course was of great assistance in preparing me for the conveyancing examinations.  I have always had a keen interest in property law since my university days and during my articles, I had the opportunity to do rotations in Commercial Bonds and Retail Transfers.  After gaining practical experience in these conveyancing departments, I was motivated to enrol for the conveyancing course.  I found the conveyancing course incredibly beneficial.  The notes were highly comprehensive and offered a practical approach to the subject with examples, past question papers together with memorandums and lecture recordings."


Tshidi's study tips

"Study months ahead of time, especially for conveyancing!  The conveyancing course is very detailed and has a lot of content to be covered so, give yourself at least 4 months to study as this will allow you to absorb the information deeply and give you the necessary confidence when approaching the exam.  Furthermore, I would advise that you do as many past exam papers as you can for board exams as well as conveyancing." 


Why law?

"I initially decided on a career in law because I was always active in community development social organisations and my involvement in such organisations piqued my interest in legislation and human rights.  I had the view that law would be a great way for me to effect change in society and have a positive impact on people’s lives." 


What's next?

"I without a doubt intend to specialise in property law and conveyancing."

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