'Attorneys' exam training' case study: Carika Stander

Thursday, November 24, 2022, 8:53
Carika Stander

Carika Stander passed the LPC's attorneys' admission exams (all four papers), conveyancing exam, and notarial exam in 2022.


About Carika

"I am currently an Associate at Duvenhage Incorporated in Bloemfontein working as a conveyancer and notary.  I started working here on 1 November 2022." 



"I studied LLB at the University of the Free State from 2017 to 2020.  I obtained my LLB Degree with distinction in 2020.  I also received the Dean's Medal (award given to a student who achieved the best results in respect of a Bachelor's Degree in the Faculty of Law)."


Motivation for enrolling for our attorneys' exam training

"The reason why I enrolled for Gawie le Roux courses was to make sure I have access to the best study material in order to prepare me for the examinations.  I wanted to have access to everything that could prepare me to pass the examinations.  I wanted to make sure I only write once and therefore I tried to get the best and the most detailed study material.  The courses helped me to pass the examinations on my first attempt by providing a lot of practical examples and a lot of study material to prepare me for the examinations and life after the exams." 


Why write all the LPC exams in one year?

"I completed Law School in 2021, and I therefore only had to do articles for one year.  My practical vocational training contract (contract of articles) ended in August 2022 and I wanted to get admitted in September 2022 as an attorney, conveyancer and notary.  I therefore only had one opportunity to write all seven examinations if I wanted to get admitted by September.  So I put in all of the work and a lot of late nights in order to write all seven exams in March and April of 2022.  The ultimate goal and motivation for me was to get admitted as an attorney, conveyancer and notary on the same day, so I worked towards achieving that goal.  And I just wanted to be done with studying and writing examinations." 


Carika's study tips

"My advice to others who are preparing for the exams would be to make sure your study material is sufficient and very detailed.  Don't make use of another person's notes.  Make your own notes. Prepare yourself to put in a few late nights, have that energy drink or coffee close by, you are going to need it.  And then it comes down to you, you need to focus and motivate yourself to study hard and to put the effort in. Set a goal for yourself that you want to achieve, and do everything you can to reach that goal.  Put a little pressure on yourself and push yourself harder.  My goal was to write all four admission exams at once and to pass all four.  While studying I decided why not try and write conveyancing and notary as well (I had nothing to lose in attempting to write conveyancing and notary).  I pushed myself very hard and I reached my ultimate goal which was to pass all seven exams on the first attempt.  So just follow the ABC of studying - Apply your Butt to a Chair and study!!"


What does the future hold?

"I am currently working as a conveyancer and notary, and that is the kind of law I want to specialise in.  I really enjoy working as a conveyancer and notary and I believe that this was the next step in my career." 

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