'Attorneys' admission exams' case study: Kevin Govender

Friday, November 24, 2023, 7:39
Kevin Govender

About Kevin

Kevin Govender was the only person to pass all four Attorneys' admission exam papers in the Eastern Cape during the second session in 2023.



"I matriculated at the Hill College In Port Elizabeth in 1993.  In 2019 I completed a Diploma in law from the University of South Africa.  In 2022 I completed my LLB at the University of South Africa."


Motivation for enrolling for Gawie le Roux's Attorneys' admission exam courses

"Through word of mouth I heard about the course offered by GLR and decided to give it a try.  This course was worth every cent spent.  It was extremely well structured with plenty of information.  I wanted as many resources as possible to enable me to write all the Attorneys' admission examinations at once."


Kevin's study tips

"Purchase the materials from GLR!  Study at least 5 times per week and at least four months in advance."


On securing articles as a candidate attorney

  • 'Dress appropriately;
  • Proof-read and hand deliver your CV;
  • When attending an interview, switch your cell phone off; and
  • Be punctual.'


What's next

"I will be writing the conveyancing and notary exams next year and I will be doing my Masters in criminal law the following year.  I am currently specialising in criminal and civil litigation and loving every day of this journey.  I would specialise in criminal and civil law."

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