Property Practitioners Act

    Practical implications of the new Property Practitioners Act 

    After much anticipation, the Property Practitioners Act 2019 comes into operation on 1 February 2022, DV.  It will repeal the Estate Agency Affairs Act in its entirety.

    For estate agents, now regulated as ‘property practitioners’, there are many new administrative requirements, as well as a list of sanctionable conduct, undesirable practices and a new Code of Conduct to comply with.

    For a host of additional role-players in the real estate industry, the coming into operation of the Act means that they are now regulated by specific legislation, and are obliged to obtain Fidelity Fund certificates, and to comply with a (generic) Code of Conduct, amongst other things.

    These practitioners include business brokers, managing agents and property developers.  Our presentation will address the new requirements that these practitioners must meet.

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    Who should attend?

    Conveyancers who are responsible for advising estate agents, mortgage brokers, business brokers, property inspectors and managing agents.

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    The logistics

    • This is a 4-hour webinar which can either be attended online or by obtaining recordings. 

    • Online webinars take place in the mornings from 8:00-12:30 and recordings can be viewed at any time during the day.

    • The presentation is accompanied by a comprehensive reference manual.

    • The manual is sent in PDF format.

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    Our promise

    • You will receive a comprehensive and practical reference manual covering the webinar content. 

    • Understand the practical implications of the Property Practitioners Act, in particular the new administrative requirements, sanctionable conduct, undesirable practices and Code of Conduct all property practitioners will need to comply with.

    • Get a firm grasp on the new requirements pertaining to a host of additional role players in the real estate industry.

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