The lawyer of the future: how to remain relevant

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Remaining relevant and resilient in an ever-changing environment

Agility, technological aptitude, and interdisciplinary skills have become key requirements for a legal professional to succeed going forward.  These capabilities enable lawyers to respond appropriately to and adapt and thrive under ever-changing conditions.

Lawyers are currently challenged to review how they service their clients.  Technological advancement and alternative service offerings provide clients with the opportunity to gain more value from legal services.  The question is whether lawyers are willing to embrace and implement these new ideas in their daily work and whether legal work is compatible with these ideas.

In our webinar, we aim to determine international and local trends in predicting skills required for lawyers in the future. We’ll look at approaches to legal work such as Legal Design Thinking, which challenge traditional perceptions of what exactly a lawyer should be able to do.  Closely linked to Legal Design Thinking, is the use of plain legal language in the drafting of legal instruments.  The webinar provides a platform to reconsider the merits of this, not so new, movement in legal drafting.  The webinar also aims to start a conversation among South African lawyers on skills not traditionally required of lawyers, but which would enable them to increase the demand for their legal work.

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Who should attend?

Legal practitioners (attorneys and advocates), in-house legal advisers, legal consultants, and any person trained as a lawyer (but not necessarily admitted as a legal practitioner) and doing legal work.

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The logistics

  • This is a 2-hour webinar which is available as a recording.
  • When opting for recordings, follow the instructions in your registration confirmation email to request access to view recordings online.  Recordings can be viewed at any time once you've received login details.  Recordings are only available for a limited time, please refer to your registration confirmation letter for more information. 
  • The presentation is accompanied by a comprehensive reference manual, sent in PDF format.

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Our promise

  • Gain valuable insights into the obstacles and challenges facing legal professionals going forward as identified by various international and local institutions. 
  • Understand Legal Design Thinking, and as a result be able to reconsider plain legal language in its daily drafting duties. 
  • Keep up to date with what is being said about the legal profession, and the proposals made about how legal work should be performed in the future.  This can greatly assist with planning for legal practice and legal work.

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