Wills & Estates - A seminar series

    The unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world on its head. This pandemic has, unfortunately, led to the death of millions of people worldwide, and thousands in South Africa from COVID-19 related illnesses.

    Although we all know that our eventual death is inescapable and certain and that it can come suddenly and unexpectedly, the uncertainty caused by the pandemic brought into sharp focus the importance of the law of succession, the necessity of having a will, and the administration of estates.

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    All our seminars are in-depth and well-researched, presented by experts in the field.

    The price includes a four-hour presentation AND a comprehensive reference manual (sent electronically).

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    Aspects of Wills

    Seminar 1: Wills & Intestate Succession - Recent Developments

    • Presented by Linda Schoeman-Malan
    • Available in English and Afrikaans
    • Approximately 70% of all estates reported at the Master’s Office are intestate estates or partially intestate. This means that, as an estate practitioner you need to have a clear understanding of the principles of the Intestate Succession Act 81 of 1987 that guide intestate succession.

    • Concerning the remaining 30% of estates, you should be equally competent to assist your client with an accurately drafted and valid will in line with his or her wishes and in accordance with the requirements of the Wills Act 7 of 1953.

    • Click here to view the Seminar Content (PDF).

    Seminar 2: Estate laws - Estate flaws: Aspects of execution, testamentary capacity, unworthiness to inherit and revocation of wills

    • Presented by Linda Schoeman-Malan
    • By attending this seminar you will learn more about

      • Recent family disputes dealing with the testamentary capacity of an elderly, vulnerable (dementia/ Alzheimer’s disease), physically disabled or ailing testator.

      • The role of a will drafter in establishing whether a potential testator has the required testamentary capacity with reference to several modern tests which have been developed to establish capacity.

      • The statutory provisions of automatic lapsing of a will in the event of death after divorce and the power of the court to condone actions of revocation.

      • The “bloody hand principle” and how an executor should deal with an unworthy beneficiary’s proportional share.

      • The contentious “flight from (strict) formalities to (almost) no formalities” and the condonation power of the courts to excuse non-compliance with the prescribed formalities for execution and amendment of a will.

      • Mass fatalities due to disasters, presumption of death orders and simultaneous deaths.

    • The Seminar Content will be added soon.


    Administration of Deceased Estates

    Seminar 1: The Practical Administration of Deceased Estates

    • Presented by Jannie Rossouw

    • Currently only available in Afrikaans

    • Any estate administrator knows that there are a million little (or bigger) practical problems that they might bump into in the administration of a deceased estate.

    • That’s why this seminar focuses on the practical side. It will guide you in the practical aspects of the administration of deceased estates, with special focus on the day-to-day problems that executioners often run into.

    • These include documents and information needed for the taking on and reporting of an estate to the Master, identifying the deceased’s assets and liabilities, the liquidation of assets, compiling the Liquidation and Distribution account and handling objections against it, disputes and conflict between heirs or beneficiaries, SARS and e-Filing, estate tax, income tax and capital gains tax before and after the date of death (the taxes are discussed in detail in Seminar 4).

    • Click here to view the Seminar Content (PDF).

    Seminar 2: Tax laws - Tax flaws: Income tax liability, capital gains tax, estate duty and donations tax

    • Presented by Jannie Rossouw
    • Currently only available in Afrikaans
    • Deceased estates and their taxes is a topic worth standing still at. Though the previous seminar touches on the taxes, this seminar really cuts to the heart of the matter, discussing various aspects of income tax, capital gains tax, estate duty and donations tax.

    • Calculating the capital gains tax aspect of income tax can be a complicated affair and the necessary expertise is required. Some administrators leave it out completely whilst others perform incorrect calculations. This often leads to objections raised by SARS against the Liquidation and Distribution account, which in turn leads to delays with the Master in placing the advertisement. And on top of that, the tax liability in turn influences the calculation of estate duty. One miscalculation can have a big ripple effect.

    • In this seminar, the presenter will provide practical guidance in steering clear of all the potholes mentioned above. See the seminar content below for more details.

    • Click here to view the Seminar Content (PDF).

    Course Content

    Our promise

    • Our in-depth seminars are well-researched. They are written and presented by experts and scholars in the field.

    • With each of these seminars you will receive a comprehensive set of seminar notes with examples and explanatory notes, all yours for future reference.

    • The information, guidance and advice you receive here will save you precious money and time and will empower you to excel in knowledge and practice.

    Course Content

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