Uniqueness of South African trusts - a seminar series

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    All our seminars are in-depth and well-researched, presented by experts in the field.

    The price includes a four-hour presentation AND a comprehensive reference manual (sent electronically).

    There are three seminars in this series -

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    Seminar 1: The creation and termination of trusts

    Also testamentary trusts, special/PBO trusts and business trusts: What every advisor/trustee should know about it

    This online seminar is intended for everybody who deals with trusts and trust law, as well as every trustee or advisor (be it as a novice or a seasoned guru) on the creation and termination of different forms of trusts in Seminar 1, the administration of trusts and trusteeships in Seminar 2 and the holistic estate planning applications and the taxation of trusts in Seminar 3 of the series.

    Although in online format, it retains the same recipe of the very successful seminars of previous years, covering the entire trust law spectrum.  However, this one is also different in that it will unpack and focus on some of the often neglected topics as well as digesting a couple of sometimes confusing topics, as well as the latest developments and important practical aspects of trust law when creating a trust or evaluating an existing trust deed for a client.

    From divorce, tax to other recent court cases, the rights of beneficiaries seem to become more and more contentious.  This topic will receive special attention – see course content below.

    This seminar will add value to your practice and cause you to get your attendance fee back long before the tea-break, in the form of money saved on seeking expensive advice or on time saved on doing complicated research.

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    Seminar 2: The administration of trusts and Trusteeships


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    Seminar 3: The holistic estate planning application and the taxation of trusts (2022, DV)

    Dates for this seminar are still to be announced.

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    The logistics

    • Seminars can either be attended online or by obtaining recordings.
    • Online seminars take place in the mornings from 8:00-13:00 and recordings can be viewed at any time during the day.
    • Each presentation is accompanied by a comprehensive reference manual.
    • Manuals are sent electronically in PDF format.

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    Our promise

    • You will be equipped with a better understanding of South African Trust Law, whether to analyse a trust deed and to identify some of the common errors made with trusts in the RSA or to create trusts for clients.
    • You will take home a comprehensive set of seminar notes with example clauses, all yours for future reference on several contentious and confusing issues, saving you hours of time of researching it yourself or having to pay for the research.
    • You will be empowered to excel in knowledge and practice, and in this way adding value to your clients.

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