Administration of deceased estates – two workshops

This workshop series is presented by Jannie Rossouw, a seasoned Chartered Accountant (SA) with decades of practical experience.  Until recently, Jannie owned his own auditing firm and now dedicates his time exclusively to estate administration.  He also presents webinars in our Wills and estates webinar series

Workshop 1: How to prepare an L&D account

The liquidation & distribution (L&D) account is the nucleus in the administration of a deceased estate.  However, many deceased estate administrators have trouble preparing L&D accounts, especially regarding deemed property, pension and retirement annuities, other insurance products, and usufructs.  Executors often struggle to distinguish correctly between creditors, estate administration costs and income and expenses after death.  This workshop will equip you with practical examples and know-how to properly prepare an L&D account.

Workshop content
  • The heading
  • The money column
  • The serial number column
  • The liquidation account
  • The Recapitulation Statement
  • The Distribution Account
  • The Income and Expenditure Account
  • Fiduciary Assets Account
  • Estate duty
  • Executor’s certificate

See full workshop content here.

Workshop 2: How to calculate and account for deceased estate taxes

Many executors have difficulty preparing the Estate Duty-addendum in the L&D, especially regarding the apportionment of and the persons liable for the duty. The completion of the REV267 Estate Duty Return is often a source of frustration due to assets not shown in the L&D, and policy proceeds shown or not shown in the L&D.

In this workshop, the deceased estate taxes, i.e. income tax, capital gains tax, and estate duty will be calculated and accounted for based on the information gathered and contained in the L&D above, for both the deceased and the deceased estate.  The REV267 Estate Duty Return will be completed based on the information and documents in the example.

Workshop 2 can be taken separately or in conjunction with Workshop 1.

Workshop content
  • The taxpayers
  • The deceased – South African residents
  • The estate
  • Estate duty

See full workshop content here.

Who should attend?

Administrators / executors of deceased estates.

The logistics
  • Workshop 1 and 2 are presented online over 3 hours each from 08:00-11:00 (Afrikaans) and 12:00-15:00 (English).  Sufficient time will be allowed for questions.  Workshops can be done together or separately depending on individual needs.

  • The workshops can either be attended online or by obtaining recordings.  

  • When opting for recordings, follow the instructions in your registration confirmation email to request access to view recordings online.  Recordings can be viewed at any time once you've received login details.  Recordings are only available for a limited time, please refer to your registration confirmation letter for more information.

  • The workshops are accompanied by appropriate reference material containing examples.  Reference material is sent electronically in PDF format.

  • Workshops are available in Afrikaans and English.  Delegates attending the workshop in Afrikaans will receive the workshop material in both Afrikaans and English.

Why workshops?
  • Workshops are shorter than webinars.
  • The manuals are more concise than those of webinars.
  • Interactive discussion of practical case studies applicable in the workplace.
  • Enough time allocated for questions and answers.
Our promise
  • Receive real-life examples of deceased estates.  Learn how to interpret a will; draft the L&D account based on the actual documents; and calculate capital gains and estate duty.

  • Understand the registration and coding process for SARS and the correct completion of the REV267 Estate Duty Return.

  • Gain practical knowledge to properly prepare an L&D and accurately calculate and account for the various taxes for both the deceased and the deceased estate.

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