Opportunities in Takeover Law

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    Takeover Law – why bother?

    Takeover Law is a fundamental subject for growing and shrinking economies alike. Simply put, “takeover” is when one company buys another out - a simple definition, but not always a simple execution. South Africa’s current economic environment, and its aftermath, will present numerous opportunities for takeovers and mergers. As a legal practitioner, you will do well to thoroughly understand the principles of Takeover Law and to know how takeovers and mergers are regulated in South Africa.

    Takeover Law is not a well-known subject in South Africa. Up to now, it was usually introduced at a high level – in big law firms with specialists involved with public companies, mainly. Specialists will never be redundant, of course, and will continue to play a crucial role in big takeover cases, but the time is here for small and intermediate law firms to get on board as well.

    You see, the Companies Act of 2008 has changed the takeover landscape dramatically by extending the reach of Takeover Law to almost all private companies as well. This means the net is so much wider and more small to medium-sized law firms can get involved.

    By getting a thorough grip on the principles and intricacies of Takeover Law, you can unlock new opportunities in the professional services you offer. Such an understanding will enable you to provide effective legal advice to your clients, including private companies, and minority shareholders in both public and private companies.


    Who should attend?

    • Experienced and aspirant Corporate Law Attorneys who want to expand their practical knowledge and understanding of Takeover Law provisions

    • In-house legal advisors and corporate finance professionals who want to develop and expand their knowledge and understanding of Takeover Law in order to advise clients effectively on the structuring of mergers and acquisition transactions in terms of the Companies Act of 2008


    Seminar Content


    1. Introduction to Takeover Law

    • We'll be looking at definitions and how Takeover Law developed to what it is today.

    2. Takeover Regulation Panel (TRP) Structure and Functions

    • Structure and membership of TRP

    • Executive of TRP

    • Takeover Special Committee (TSC)

    • Functions of the TRP

    3. Powers of the TRP

    • We'll look at the different powers of the TRP, for example the power to issue exemptions or the power to issue a compliance certificate for Affected Transactions.

    4. To whom does the TRP apply?

    • We'll look at the conditions for a company to stand under the TRP.

    5. General Principles of Takeover Regulation

    • We'll look at the rationale and conditions behind the regulation of takeovers and mergers.

    6. Discussion points on the rationale for regulating Affected Transactions

    • We'll discuss the important points to note from Section 119(1) and (2).

    7. Discussion on Chapter 5 of the Companies Act, 2008

    • Categories of Fundamental Transactions

    • Discussion of important points on Fundamental Transactions

    8. Affected Transactions

    • Discussion on types of Affected Transactions

    • Compulsory acquisition

    9. Discussion of the Application of Takeover Regulations and the provisions of the Act

    • Relationship between the Takeover Regulations and the provisions of the Act

    • Announcements

    • Role of Independent Board

    • Waivers of Mandatory offers

    • Role of Independent Experts

    10. Discussion on recent developments in Takeover Law

    • Open discussion on topical information in South African Takeover Law, including discussion on various important rulings of the TRP

    • Restrictions on Frustrating Actions in terms of Section 126 of the Act

    • Role of Independent Board and Management during "hostile offers"

    • Waiver of Mandatory offers in terms of Regulation 86(4)

    • Discussion on Section 119(6) of the Act


    Our Promise

    • Be equipped to execute various possibilities with sectional title registrations with expertise.

    • Negotiate confidently with developers, thoroughly understand the entire process and be better prepared for problems that may arise.

    • Empowering you to excel in knowledge and practice is what moves us forward. What do you say?

    The need for legal practitioners to master South Africa’s Takeover Law is becoming more and more crucial, especially now.


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