POF, POVS en my praktyk - hoe lyk die pad vorentoe?

    Hierdie seminaar word slegs in Engels aangebied

    A seminar on personal injuries caused by road crashes – an update for personal injury practitioners

    Why not pull over and hear us out?

    • RABS: Don’t fear your future as personal injury practitioner – come and hear why
    • Be updated on the most recent reported and unreported case law
    • Avoid problems with the Legal Practice Council and clients by being updated on proposed contingency rules
    • Navigate HPCSA appeals properly – know your options concerning serious injury
    • Be informed on vitally important, yet usually less covered topics that will save you time and trouble


    Who should attend?

    • This seminar will prove to be a time-saving and proficiency enhancing opportunity for the busy personal injury practitioner

    • Though the seminar is aimed at legal practitioners, anyone whose work derive from the Road Accident Fund will find a gold nugget to take home


    Seminar Content

    1. Seminar case law

    In this section, several cases concerning personal injuries, some as recent as June 2020, will be discussed and critically evaluated.

    2. Serious injury

    Here, aspects of establishing serious injury will be discussed followed by an assessment of general damages:

    • What is serious injury?

    • What are your options and possible steps you can take with relation to HPCSA appeals?

    • An overview on the assessment of general damages

    3. Contingencies

    • What are contingency agreements?

    • Typical contingencies

    • Specific and general contingencies

    • Contingency allowance for unproven but probable uncertain events, occurrences or circumstances: Concept and Requirements

    • Contingencies on past damages

    • Function of contingencies

    • Nature and magnitude

    • Onus of proof

    • Prior comparable cases

    • Guidelines

    • Mitigating damages

    • Rectifying calculation errors

    • Appeals against contingency determination

    • AIDS

    • Income tax

    4. Contingencies fees

    • Contingency Fees Act 66 of 1997

    • Legitimising contingency fee agreements

    • Forms of contingency fee agreements

    • Limitation of higher contingency fees than normal

    • Requirements of contingency fee agreement

    • Supervision and control over contingency fee

    • Legal Practice Council rules

    • An alternative perspective

    5. RABS

    Join the conversation as we talk about the Road Accident Benefit Scheme and the future of personal injury practitioners.

    • Overview of RABS

    • Problematic provisions

    • The real problem

    • Possible solutions


    Our Promise

    • Be equipped with the most recent and relevant developments in the RAF and RABS, compiled and presented by undoubtedly THE expert in the field.

    • Take home a comprehensive set of seminar notes, all yours for future reference on recent personal injury case law, aspects of serious injury determination, the legal principles governing contingencies and contingency fees, and a critical yet workable approach to RABS.

    • Empowering you to excel in knowledge and practice is what moves us forward. How about you?


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