Commissioner of oaths

Hierdie werkswinkel is slegs in Engels beskikbaar.

How to become and function effectively as a commissioner of oaths

At one stage or another, we all need to have a document commissioned or have documents certified as true copies by a commissioner of oaths.  The public is always in need of a commissioner of oaths to assist them.

The office of the commissioner of oaths serves a public interest in that it is intended to guard and protect society against placing reliance on a statement or declaration that is not true, correct, or within the knowledge of the person making that statement.  

This practical workshop will explain the process of applying to render this important service.  An expert will explain the process of applying to become a commissioner of oaths and how to commission a document, or how to certify a document as a true copy in the correct manner.  
In terms of South African law, there are certain professions and other public offices where a person can become an ex officio commissioner of oaths.  However, the designation of commissioner of oaths is not only restricted to ex officio commissioners.  Legal secretaries and others in the legal profession, as well as other professions, can also by way of an application process become a commissioner of oaths.  We will discuss the application process and explain the basic principles of what the office of a commissioner of oaths entails.
This new workshop will also touch on the latest developments in South African law regarding the virtual commissioning of documents, especially in an ever-changing world that is becoming more digital.

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  • Definitions
  • Who is authorised to be a commissioner of oaths?
  • Penalties for false oath affirmation
  • Who else can be a commissioner of oaths?
  • How to apply to be a commissioner oaths
  • Provincial offices
  • Steps to follow when applying to become a commissioners of oaths in GP
  • What can a commissioner of oaths do?
  • The difference between commissioned and certified
  • Examples of what a commissioner of oaths does
  • What is an affidavit?
  • How to administer an oath/affirmation or take a solemn or attested declaration
  • Legal implications of administering an oath
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Checklist for the virtual commissioning of an affidavit
  • Certification of documents by a commissioner of oaths
  • How is certification done?
  • Documents with photos
  • Documents without photos
  • Multiple pages
  • What if the original document is not available?
  • Notarisation, acknowledgement and certification
  • Steps the commissioner should follow with an electronically issued document
  • Notarial certification
  • Frequently asked questions
Who should attend?
  • Legal support staff such as secretaries or paralegals
  • Candidate attorneys
  • Clergymen and -women
  • Workshops can either be attended online or by obtaining recordings.  Recordings will be available 5 working days after lectures have taken place.
  • Online workshops take place in the mornings from 08:00-10:30.
  • When opting for recordings, follow the instructions in your registration confirmation email to request access to view recordings online.  Recordings can be viewed at any time once you've received login details.  Recordings are only available for a limited time, please refer to your registration confirmation letter for more information.
  • Each presentation is accompanied by a comprehensive reference manual.
  • Manuals are sent electronically in PDF format.
Our promise
  • Walk away with a grasp on exactly what the application process entails to become a commissioner of oaths in South Africa.
  • Understand how to commission a document or how to certify a document as a true copy in the correct manner.
  • Become empowered to offer your clients additional services.
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